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into the mail-order-bride trade from the Philippines to Australia, conducted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, uncovered what they term “serial sponsorship,” in which a man brings a woman back to Australia, and when that relationship fails, often due to his violence, he abandons her and returns to the Philippines to acquire another woman. They have identified men who have sponsored up to seven women. 174

The following is an advertisement for A Foreign Affair, an agency that offers mail-order- brides and “romance tours” to meet women in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Most Exciting And Rewarding Adventure You Will Ever Have!

You May Click On Any Featured Woman On These Tour Pages To View Her Bio Page! A Romance Tour hosted by A Foreign Affair is possibly the most exciting adventure you will ever experience in your lifetime. Not only will you enjoy two relaxing weeks in one of the worlds [sic] most beautiful and romantic cities, you will arrive with the objective of meeting and courting some of the most beautiful and sincere women in the world whose desires are the same as yours. That being, to meet a special person to love and spend the rest of their lives with.

Tours Departing 8 Times Per Year! Next Departure Date: April 18, 1998175

Since 1990 the Philippines government has banned the operation of sex tour and mail- order-bride agencies in the Philippines. One mail-order-bride pimp complained about this, but said his solution was to move his computer to the United States and use his own Filipina wife to make contact and recruit women and adolescent girls in the Philippines. Even though the Philippines has enacted this law, the trafficking of women and girls from this country continues to rise.

Connection Among Types of Sexual Exploitation176

Sex tourism, mail-order-brides and prostitution are variations on the theme of sexual exploitation. I will take a series of advertisements from a US based pimp and describe what is offered on his web site and show the connections among the forms of sexual exploitation.

A picture of a Filipina tops the first page of Travel Philippines. She invites the men to “Come explore the Philippines with me!” The advertisement describes the Philippines as an “exotic and interesting place to visit.” Information is given on tickets, lodging, food and water, money changing, nightlife and the tour schedule. Prostitution is briefly mentioned as being “everywhere,” and a price range for prostitutes is listed. Men are told, “You can partake or not, it’s up to you. Most do partake.” Marriage is also briefly mentioned: “As most of you know, the Philippines is the happy hunting ground for men seeking a wife. There are all kinds of women of every description. It’s hard to go to the

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