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Philippines and not get caught up in the idea of marriage. The whole lifestyle seems to revolve around love, marriage and kids.” 177

On the next linked page the man is asked “would you like to have a beautiful female companion as a private tour guide?” (emphasis his) or “would you like to have introductions to ‘decent’ marriage minded ladies?” If he chooses the private tour guide he is directed to the X-Rated Escorted Tours. At the top of this page a picture of the same Filipina from the introductory page appears, this time with her breasts exposed. The woman invites the men to “Come explore the Philippines and Me!” Much of the same travel information is repeated, but here the man finds out how much it costs to have an “escort” during his trip. The fee is paid to the travel agent-pimp, not the woman. The agent-pimp suggests that the tourist-buyer tip the woman, although it is not required. 178

If the man chooses the marriage option he is directed to the linked page on Over Seas Ladies. There he is asked if he is tired of watching TV and having women make him jump through hoops. He is told that the women for sale here “respond to every gesture and kindness, no matter how small.” He is reassured that these women are not concerned about his age, appearance, or wealth. Here the man is presented with thirteen pages of pictures of women from which he can choose. The pimp sells the addresses of the women to the man. For an extra fee the buyer can have a lifetime membership which entitles him to the addresses of all the women, those currently available and those in the future. (If the man is seeking a permanent relationship, why he might want or need a lifetime membership is not explained.) The whole sexual exploitation racket comes full circle with the next linked page on Escorted Wife Seeking Tours. The man is told “You will meet a lot of beautiful women there. Your penpals that you have been writing to will be happy to see you. The new women you meet will be generally ‘good’ girls, but there are plenty of bar girls there too and you will surely encounter some.”179 Bar girls, X-rated tours with “private tour guides,” mail-order-brides-all are forms of sexual exploitation organized by the same agency for the profit of pimps, hotels and bars.

Live Videoconferencing-Online Prostitution

The most advanced technology on the Internet allows the live transmission of video captured images. The prostitution industry quickly moved to use this new technology to transmit live strip and sex shows. The communication can be interactive, so buyers are able to direct the women’s actions. Shows can be watched by groups of men, or for more money, the buyer can have a private session. This technology has merged pornography and prostitution and enabled men to buy women in prostitution over the Internet in the privacy of their homes or offices.

One of most popular aspects of using the Internet to send and receive pornography and now technologizied prostitution, is the privacy the man is able to maintain during the whole transaction. The only limitation to this new form of prostitution is the need for high-speed transmission computer equipment. The pimps on the web site provided the necessary software free of charge. As faster computers and more high-speed transmission lines are available to men around the world, this type of technologized prostitution will continue to grow.

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