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The first live videoconferencing site selling strip shows that I saw on the Web was Virtual Dreams in October 1995, running off the CTSNET server in San Diego, California.

“Virtual Dreams uses cutting-edge technology to bring you the most beautiful girls in the world. Using our software and your computer, you can interact real time and one-on-one with the girl of your dreams. Ask her anything you wish–she is waiting to please you!”180

By November 1995, “live nude video teleconferencing” was being touted on alt.sex.prostitution. Derek Hamilton said,

Here’s something that will make your modem sizzle! I was sitting at home…my Penthouse subscription had run out, when I stumbled across “Video Fantasy” on the net. This is one of the most interesting “adults only” services I’ve ever seen. With Windows, my 486 and their software,

I called a pretty girl’s studio with my modem and watched her undress. All of this was live and in color on my computer monitor. What will they think of next. Sitting at home being entertained by a beautiful girl. Talk about “safe sex”! I love it! Check out their website at http://www.videofantasy.com. This is lot’s of fun.” 181

The pimps on the Internet conduct their own market research on who is buying the women they offer. According to the Internet Entertainment Group (IEG), the largest pimp on the Web, the buyers for live strip shows are 90 percent male, 70 percent living in the United States, and 70 percent are between ages 18 and 40.182 The viewers are young men in college, and businessmen and professionals who log on from work.183 Naughty Linx reports there is a 22 percent decline every Summer, when college students cannot use university Internet connections to log on to sex industry sites. 184

Pimps on the Internet

The movement of the sex industry to the Internet has increased the demand for new and more extreme images of the sexual exploitation of women and children. Older images identified by color quality of the image or clothing and hairstyle are viewed with disdain. Buyers demand new images with the scenes of sexual exploitation and abuse that are in fashion among predators. The result is increased abuse and exploitation of women and children.

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