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promoted the “pre-planned violent rape of lesbians” as a way of “converting” them to heterosexuality. She lodged a complaint with the webmaster. 226

In Spring 1998, I found a web site called The Rape Zone. The home page featured a picture of a woman screaming as a man forced her against a wall with one hand around her throat and the other restraining her arm. The page title was underlined with a red bar that dripped blood. The site claimed to have over 1,000 images of rape and many video feeds. All of the images were of women tied-up, being beaten and penetrated with large objects. There were a number of images in which the women appeared to be bleeding. Memberships were being sold and viewers could purchase full-length videos.

Caution: Extreme Images of violence and Rape!!

What this site is: A photographed documentary of a rape encounter. A visual and mental journey throught [sic] the mindcrime of a rapist.

Video Series

Brutally Raped – Sadist’s Delight Brutally Raped – Tina is having a real hard time! This buy has no mercy! Brutally Raped – Lovely Maria gets gangbanged by 3 black sadists Brutally Raped – This time sweet little Manoa is the victim

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