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magazine said, “As we interconnect ourselves, many of the values of a nation-state will give way to those of both larger and smaller electronic communities.”3 With Internet technology and communications pimps and predators can access global markets and unsuspecting victims. Pimps can locate their computer servers in countries with the most libertarian laws and operate outside the reach of regulations in all other countries.

The Internet allows pimps and predators to create their own culture outside community standards or interference. The technology of computer based communication also provides a high degree of privacy and anonymity for men to engage in stalking, viewing and buying of women and children in acts of sexual exploitation.

The Report on Pimps and Predators on the Internet

This report will examine how men are using the Internet to engage in and promote the global sexual exploitation of women and children. As a non-commercial communication medium the Internet is used by predators and amateur pimps to exchange information on where to go to buy women and girls in prostitution, exchange pornographic images and videos, and even broadcast in real time the sexual abuse of children. Predators use the Internet to contact victims and display their abuse of women and children.

Pimps are using the Internet as a commercial venue to advertise and sell several types of sexual exploitation of women and children. Commercial prostitution tours are advertised and arranged. Mail-order-brides are displayed and contact information sold to men seeking wives or sexual partners, followed by “romance tours” to meet women. Advertisements and sites for pornographic images and videos, strip shows and live sex shows saturate the web.

This report also documents police efforts to stop predators from using the Internet to engage in the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. A number of specialized units have been set up to catch predators of children. In several cases there has been unparalleled international cooperation among police units to break-up international child pornography and abuse rings.

The Internet has received so much bad publicity for the amount of illegal and offensive materials that can be obtained that the Internet industry has responded with efforts at self- regulation. Several of these self-regulatory programs, their goals and results are reviewed in this report.

Frustrated by the lack of will or ability of the Internet industry and the police to stop predator’s use of the Internet for the purposes of sexual abuse, especially child sexual abuse, vigilante groups have formed to impose their own form of ethics and standards on the Internet. A few of these groups and their activities are described.

The connection between the sex industry and the Internet industry is examined. The symbiotic relationship between the two enables us to see that the commodification and exploitation of women and children is an integral part of globalization.

Finally, the report outlines steps that should be taken by governments and nongovernmental organizations to confront the sexual exploitation of women and children in each community and on the Internet.

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