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Resolution: Misuse of the Internet for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation

A Resolution drafted by Donna M. Hughes Submitted by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women to the United Nations Working Group on Contemporary Forms of Slavery Geneva, Switzerland May 1998

Acknowledging that the Internet can be a valuable medium of communication, and noting that Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights identifies the right of freedom of expression as a fundamental human right, and that all recommendations must be implemented to protect this right,

Recognizing that the Internet is the most unregulated communications network in the world with new technologies that present difficult challenges to national and international regulation and enforcement,

Alarmed that multiple forms of sexual exploitation, such as prostitution, sex tours, bride trafficking, pornography, live sex shows, and rape videos for sexual entertainment are promoted; that the Internet is now the preferred site for mail order bride promotions; and that the Internet offers multiple forums in which the trafficking, prostitution, and other forms of sexual exploitation of women and children are promoted and carried out,

Noting that the scope, volume, and content of the material on the Internet promoting or enacting the trafficking, prostitution and sexual exploitation of women and children is unprecedented,

Aware that the content of some material on the Internet, such as men’s sex tour diaries, incriminate men in acts of the rape and enslavement of women and girls for the purposes of sexual gratification and domination,

Emphasizing that many of the practices of trafficking and prostitution on the Internet are characterized by domination, control, and violence so extreme as to constitute slavery, serious violations of human rights, and forms of sex discrimination,

Convinced that prostitution and the traffic in persons are incompatible with human dignity and well being and that all practices of the exploitation of the prostitution of others and trafficking in persons are incompatible with human rights,

Acknowledging that the women and children subjected to sexual exploitation on the Internet are often from countries suffering from poverty, and armed conflict; and the men using the Internet for the purposes of sexually exploiting women and children are often from developed countries,

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