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Non-Commercial Use of the Internet for Sexual Exploitation

The Internet and Web, as communication tools, enable men to merge the role of predators and pimps. They extend their experiences of buying women and children by writing about it and sharing it with other predators. Texts, images and videos that describe or show the exploitation or abuse of a woman or child can be shared online with the world. No longer isolated, men can reach out to find a community of like-minded predators on the Internet. Through this online community, they can share their experiences and gain validation for their behavior. They can engage in amateur pimping by advising others on how and where to prey on women and children all over the world.

Venues on the Internet for reporting and engaging in the non-commercial sexual exploitation of women and children are newsgroups, web pages, chat rooms and live video teleconferencing.

Predators Report on Their Exploitation of Women and Children

The oldest forum on the Internet for promoting the sexual exploitation of women and children is the newsgroup alt.sex.services (renamed alt.sex.prostitution). Its “aim is to create market transparency for sex related services” (Atta and M., World Sex Guide, June 1997). Postings from this newsgroup are archived into a World Wide Web site called The World Sex Guide, which provides “comprehensive, sex-related information about every country in the world.” The guide includes information and advice from men who have bought women and children on where and how to find and buy prostituted women and children in seventy countries from seven world regions (Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, and South America). For each country, if known, the age of consent is reported. The slogan of The World Sex Guide in 1996 was “Fuckers of the world unite!” It became “Where do you want to fuck today?” in 1997; and in 1998, took on the more pretentious title of “A research project about prostitution worldwide.”4

The World Sex Guide

Where do you want to fuck today?

The men write about their experiences buying women and children in prostitution, often while they were traveling on business or holiday. Many of the men’s prostitution tour reports begin like this:

“I have a good knowledge of brothels in Brazil, due to my frequent journeys during the last 5 years”5

“Having some experience with the scene in New Zealand I would like to offer the following advice”6

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