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“Another of my ‘catching up’ reports on present knowledge of hot spots around the globe, this time from Bristol, England” 7

“This three day trip happened in June 1995. On the flight I read all the information I had printed out from The World Sex Guide-I had a lot of expectations of the City of Angels [Bangkok]” 8

Details of the men’s reports of their buying experiences include: information on where to go to find prostitutes, hotel prices, telephone numbers, taxi fares, cost of alcohol, the sex acts that can be bought, the price for each act, and evaluations of the women’s appearances and performances. One man includes a rating scale on the likelihood of getting mugged in that neighborhood. The men go on to describe, often in graphic detail, their experiences of drinking and using women. These are not sexual fantasies as can be found in other alt.sex newsgroups on the Internet.

In the men’s writings, the women are completely objectified and evaluated on everything from skin color to presence of scars and firmness of their flesh. Women’s receptiveness and compliance to men buyers is also rated. The men buying women and posting the information see and perceive the events only from their self-interested perspective. Their awareness of racism, colonization, global economic inequalities, and of course, sexism, is limited to how these forces benefit them. A country’s economic or political crisis and the accompanying poverty are advantages which produce cheap available women for the men to buy. Often men describe how desperate the women are and how little the men have to pay.

For example, although the United States has had a trade embargo against Cuba for 36 years, and the State Department discourages Americans from traveling to Cuba, “some find the taboo of prohibition alluring,” and in 1998, 50,000 Americans visited Cuba. The following are several excerpts by men who recognize that the women in Cuba are not engaging in prostitution by choice, but buy them nonetheless and brag to other men about how inexpensive they were. 9

Cuba Report These women are not whores by choice, nor are they doing it just to buy jewelry. Because they are average women caught in circumstances beyond their control it is all that much easier to fall for them--and even harbor the idea of marrying one of them and bringing her back with you. At the same time, a guy with enough hard currency can have the time of his life in what is probably the most romantic city in the world. … In ten days I met and entertained five women; four were 18 or 19 years old. 10

Cuba Bits Bring little gifts like panty hose and perfume and you’ll be treated like a king. 11

Prostitution in Cuba Some of the girls never asked for money. Give them something anyway. Bring SOME OLD CLOTHES. SMALL PRESENTS are quite welcomed. 12

Men who have bought women and children in prostitution write-up their experiences for postings on the alt.sex.prostitution newsgroup and its archive The World Sex Guide. They do not appear to have a commercial interest in the prostitution. They are writing for a

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