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peer group of men who buy women and girls in prostitution. They share their experiences and give each other advice and information on where to go to find women and girls and what they might expect in that particular city or establishment.

The men’s guides include everything from currency exchange rates to how to run a bar tab. The names, addresses and phone numbers for 150 hotels where men will feel comfortable are listed.13 All the city sections and their sexual specialties are listed and described, such as massage parlors, discos, escort services, Japanese clubs, short-time hotels, and blow job bars. There are detailed descriptions on all of them. At these Web sites the men present an etiquette and buyer’s guide on how men should behave and solicit in all of these places. The graphic descriptions of men’s buying experiences are also a form of pornography on the Internet. The scope and detail of this exchange is completely unprecedented.

Some of the men posting information on the alt.sex.prostitution newsgroup are quite straightforward about their misogyny and sadism. Some men claim to “love” prostitutes, but their words reveal their true hatred of women. The descriptions of the women are usually callous, with disregard for the women as human beings. To these men the women are literally sexual objects to be bought for a few minutes at the cheapest prices they can bargain for. While listing the prices for services one man says, “The price listed is the normal price, not the dying-for-some-crack price. If she’s a substance abuser doesn’t matter, I guess most are.” One older woman in Canadian who had lost her teeth was described as “good for blowjobs.”14 In Juarez, Mexico the women were described as mostly pretty ugly.”15 The prices men pay in many cities throughout the world show that the women must be desperate to engage in these sex acts for so little money and they cannot be making much money-maybe enough for basic survival.

The following are a few examples of the types of postings men make to alt.sex.prostitution. Although the postings selected are sexually descriptive, I have not included material that is highly graphic. I have omitted names of establishments because I do not want to further advertise places where women and children can be bought.

The following is an example of the advice men give to one another on how to go about buying a girl or woman in a bar in Bangkok, Thailand. In the following man’s posting, he mentions that the women in bars are not identified by names, but by numbers pinned to their skimpy clothes, reducing the woman or girl’s identity to a number. The “tough boyfriends” referred to are the pimps and bar owners who collect the money from the women, often giving only a small percent of it to the women.

Thailand Scene “The Procedure [in Bangkok]: This is for the most part very simple. If you are in a bar and you see a girl that you like, you can either send for her (they wear numbers), go to her when she is not dancing or just try and catch her eye. In a crowded bar this last method often will be unsuccessful. Again many of the girls are very shy and will not look you in the eye or they will not chance coming over because if you turn them down they will lose face in front of their friends. But once you are with them, buy them a cola-$3-4 - they get part of the proceeds and this will put them in a good mood. Try and get a feeling for their personality. Most of them will speak very little English beyond “Where

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