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JOB TITLE:   Battalion Chief


24-hour shift, worked as follows: 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.  1 day on / 2 days off, followed by 1 day on / 4 days off.  Every 8 cycles, an extra day [debit day] is worked; only 4 debit days are scheduled (July through December); other 4 days are floating debit days.


NOTE:  Although a 24-hour shift is worked, the following terms apply to an eight (8) hour work day; variations to this baseline occur due to the nature of this occupation.

INTERMITTENT is on an "on and off again" basis;

RARELY =         1 < % of the time FREQUENTLY =  34 - 66% of the time (2.7 - 5.3 hrs.)

OCCASIONALLY = 1 - 33% of the time (4.8 min. - 2.6 hrs.)CONSTANTLY =  67-100% of the time (5.3 - 8.0 hrs.)

Percentage of work day and/or intermittence is noted if appropriate.  N/A denotes "not applicable.” Surface, body part involved, object used, weight, distance, and average/maximum times are noted below.

Overall, the physical demands for this job are considered to be:  Light (up to 20 pounds lifted/carried or force exerted occasionally or up to 10 pounds lifted/carried or force exerted frequently) to medium (25-50 pounds lifted/carried or force exerted occasionally or 10-25 pounds lifted/carried or force exerted frequently).

STANDING:  Occasionally to frequently, dynamic standing, inspecting equipment, directing and monitoring training exercises, directing emergency scene operations, performing office work

WALKING:  Occasionally, walking to, from and around at fire or accident scenes, walking in fire stations, at training exercises

RUNNING:  Intermittent, running from vehicle to fire or accident scene

SITTING:  Occasionally to frequently, performing administrative tasks, participating in meetings, conducting training

DRIVING:  Frequently, driving to visit fire stations, driving to and from a fire or accident scene

BALANCE:  Occasionally, when climbing stairs, working near rooftops or several stories above ground to assess fire fighting operations

WORK AT HEIGHTS:  Intermittent, if setting up command at or near rooftops or several stories above ground

CLIMB STAIRS OR LADDERS:  Occasionally, climbing stairs in the fire station, or in a building (perhaps several flights) to set up command post

WALK ON ROUGH GROUND or UNEVEN SURFACES: Intermittent, when working at fire scenes that have no pavement or smooth surfaces, working on surfaces strewn with debris

TWIST OR TURN:  Occasionally, removing and replacing protective gear, performing administrative work such as filing, sorting through mail, if participating in training exercises

BEND/STOOP:  Intermittent/occasionally, accessing lower-placed file drawers, assisting with rescue of Fire Fighter or civilian

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