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things that is new and exciting in the last 10 years is the degree to which we are cooperating with other schools and their faculties to do that second part --  that looking at what is religion, what does it do, how do we understand the phenomenon of religion. We have got great bars for music.  A whole bunch of people from Arts and Sciences.  We got faculty from the medical school and nursing and law who work on the understanding of religion.  This is a real change from 10 years ago.  I mentioned that we have our accrediting association here right now. Ten years ago they were asking one of our very famous theologians,  “Do you ever talk to the people in the Physiology Department?”  Her reply was “why would want to do that?”   I am proud to say there is nobody who doesn’t want colleagues elsewhere in the University and this is a great university for just walking over to Furman Hall and having that conversation.  It is beginning to bear fruit and it is going to be our critical asset towards moving toward the future.  Right now the other crucial asset that we have is all the books that the scholar could want are available right next door or on quick page.  I think the big challenge for us is it is hard to make money honestly in religion.  Our tuition pricing is a bit out of control.  Out of those 250 schools we are the second highest tuition.  We give most of it back in terms of financial aid and some how getting to the place where we are priced closer to market is going to be a big challenge for us in the next ten years.  

James Bradford, Dean of the Owen Graduate School of Management.  I think the – if you look at Owen’s mission.  Owen’s mission is to maintain its role in the graduate business education which saying that that role of business is rapidly changing and is rapidly globalizing and affecting every one of our lives.  So if I look at what is ahead for us, it is first of all differentiating the school.  We compete with the top schools in business in the nation -- all of whom are facing a variety of challenges with one of the things that is happening in graduate education.  Business education as well as graduate education is being challenged by the effect of the Patriot Act and Global political policies.  About 30% of our students are international and so maintaining and recruiting the highest quality international students is really challenging. These environments particularly if the students want to maintain jobs in the United States after they leave are particularly challenging.  The faculty are critically important as far as having key faculty.  You will see a number of faculty turn over in the next couple of years due to normal attrition and age and those kind of things, and there will be the challenge of finding and recruiting the best faculty.  There really are kind of three efforts we have said if Owen will differentiate itself and maintain greatness it first of all must maintain its status in the financial world.  Financial Times recently ranked our finance at the top ten of the world.  Which is a nice recognition of what we are doing part of the MS financing launching is to take advantage of that.  Having a great Marketing Department is critical.  Owen must differentiate and take advantage of the resources of the Vanderbilt campus and of this community.  The health care focus that we are about to launch we hope will help differentiate the school as well.  

Some staff issues and faculty recruitment issues are diversity. We have in the last two years grown our student body diversity presence to 20% which is the highest we have ever had.  It is critical that we maintain and recruit a diversified student body. We have been invited to join a consortium which will help us maintain that effort.  We also want that reflected in our staff and faculty.  Finding the right faculty and individuals that can come on staff and represent the population as it is reflected in all walks of life is critical to being a diverse organization that comes together and does something well.  So our focus is really these three areas:  health care, finance, and marketing.  And in building the right staff and faculty in supporting that support

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