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I am very proud of the work that we are doing today and who is on our faculty and staff.  They do a great job and we just need to continue to reflect that as often as opportunities arise to move that forward.  The globalization piece will mean that we will probably have to reexamine the way executive education is delivered: both degreed and nondegreed.  We just had a group of students,  I think we had about thirty students from China that return Saturday with three faculty and we are finding ourselves really to have to reach into the world market to and to have diverse experiences to have to prepare people for what lies ahead in the business world as the economy kind of drastically changes across the next 5 or 15 years.  So we trying to prepare people for not just their next job but what they are going to do 5 – 10 – 15 years from now.  That is not an easy task but it is a fun task.  I think it is a challenge to all of us.  I guess I would reflect also just my own experience in walking across the campus and walking into a variety of different schools and organizations across campus. There is an incredible wealth of talent on this University campus and I think that all of our challenges is to get outside our own little box, our own little world and to reach out across that.  We are working very hard to bring the business community and the academic community inside our building so that we likewise don’t have any faculty saying why would I want to talk to somebody over at this area.  I think it is fascinating to do.  I think companies hire the full person. There is a famous quotation that doesn’t reflect today’s society that I think is the largest challenge for us.  The famous quotation is from Henry Ford. Ford in his very early days of building black Fords that all looked alike and sold for a small amount of money.  Really invited kind of the industrialization automatication systems or industrialization systems of North America and he said.  One of the quotes was he said “Why is it when I hire someone I get a brain every time I try to hire a set of hands.”  I found that an interesting comment on human beings, because what he was basically saying I was trying to hire a set of hands to work on an assembly line and a brain came with it.  Why is that?   Being critical.  I think our challenge is not … if I look at life there are lots of studies…religion is probably the most effecting part of our human life, work is the second. We spend more time at work than we do most of us with our families.  If you take away the sleeping hours, the amount of time I spend with my family is pretty small each day.   So work is a huge part of life.  It is where we get our energy. So to engage the brains of everyone and work to our fullest capacity it is incredible challenge.  I think that is if we could all do that well we would have quite a system.  Those are the challenges for Owen.

John Brassil:  In the interest of equal time and fairness I just wanted to announce that your staff, Barry Dombro [Director of Information Systems; OGSM] and his guys are hosting a little seminar tomorrow on wireless email options at the Owen School from noon – to one.  There is plenty going on campus. When I am not playing host to Deans, my real job is as a engineer.   I think there is application for a lot of you here if you are interested.

I would like to think these four very busy gentlemen for coming and sharing some of their thoughts with us and giving us the opportunity to sort of do the very thing that we have been talking about – getting outside the box -- getting the opportunity to cross-pollinate a little bit and to hear about what is going at the 50,000 foot level. Thank you gentlemen very much. We hope to have you back again some time again soon. Big thanks to Janet for organizing this.

Janet Hirt:  I also want to express my appreciation to each of you.  I know that you have very busy calendars.  For us as a staff council this was a wonderful opportunity to think as colleagues

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