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Calendar Review

April 12:  Conversation with Vanderbilt Chancellor Gee

Janet Hirt:  The tradition has been that the membership submit questions to the Chancellor ahead of time by forwarding them to the Council President.  This allows the Chancellor to prepare his comments.  We will continue this format.  Please forward to me questions you have; questions your constituents have.  I will send an email asking for questions.  I would like to have them the beginning of April so that I can organize the questions in a logical thought sequence.  I will also combine questions so that there is no repetition.

May 10:  University Staff Council Elections

Janet Hirt:  There will actually be two Staff Council elections – or at least two halves to what are the Staff Council Elections.  There is the half of getting a Vice President/President elect and a Secretary and then there is the half of the membership that will stand for election.  This is the year that the odd numbered groups will be elected.  Karen Dolan, the Vice President/President Elect is in charge of these elections.

Karen Dolan:  As you know I have sent out a couple of emails.  I think all representatives received one last week.  All of the constituents should have received one by this morning.  The one that went to everyone just asked for nominations from the odd numbered groups.  It only went to the odd number group people.  I have received some nominations.  We don’t have enough.  There are some groups that are eligible to have 6 representations and this year they have only been serving with 4.   When you are representing a large diverse group -- that one is the Baker Building and one is in Kirkland Hall and one is in Furman -- it is better if you have more representation so that you will be able to get more information out and hear more input from the people that you serve.  

Try to get people to volunteer.  Being a rep is actually kind of fun and you learn a lot about the University that you may not know unless you are involved with the Staff Council.

I only have one person that has agreed to run as Vice President/President elect.  You don’t want somebody by acclamation.  There are a lot of you qualified to serve.  I also need somebody to serve as Secretary.  

I would like all nominations by April 1 and then I will do the voting shortly afterwards.

Janet Hirt:  You may remember that in 2001 Melissa Wocher headed a committee that reapportioned the membership.  I mention this because the odd numbered groups standing for election were constituted by that committee.  The bylaws require a reapportionment at least every five years.

What the reapportionment assures is that groups are of reasonable size and with adequate representation. The groups are delegated by budgetary code.  It is that code from HR that provides us with the names of the members of the various groups.

In the Fall there were several people who contacted me that they had been moved to a different group.  When I contacted Karin Rolling at HR, since she was the one who had given me the list, she told me that that might be true, but that the code had not changed.

Melissa Wocher:   The code is your home department number and it is all related to the budget.  

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