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It is how you are paid that determines how the group is populated.  If your Dean hasn’t made a decision to change the code, then you are not going to be changed. It is not up to you. The budget officers of your school or division determine the code.

Janet Hirt:    In July when I put together the first listing of members and groups, there were code numbers that didn’t match with the code numbers that Melissa had worked with.  I contacted Karen Rolling and she told me which ones had been changed.  If they were new codes rather than changed codes, then those individuals were placed into a group.  These code numbers are the only reasonable way to assure representation.  This is something that is easily reviewed each June, but to have it be reviewed continuously would take a full time reviewer.  

Committee Updates

Benefits: John Brassil [Group 4 Rep, USAC Past President]; Janet Hirt [Group 14, Rep, USAC President]

Janet Hirt:  The Benefits Committee meets tomorrow.  The Committee has developed a set of recommendations that will be forwarded to the administration.  I will ask the Committee Chair, Dean Syverud, if he would be able at our May meeting to share those recommendations with us.

Community Giving Allocation: Sue King [Group 23 Rep]; Shirley Hiltz [Group 27 Rep]

Janet Hirt:  At the February meeting, Laurie McPeak spoke about this committee. Typically there is one person from the Staff Council on that committee.  Laurie was really good about saying that the committee could take two staff council people.  We had lots of interest in serving on this committee.   If you were one of those people who expressed an interest and wasn’t selected, know that your name will be retained and if a vacancy occurs, we will be able to go that list.  The committee is a two year appointment.

The Staff Council representatives are Sue King and Shirley Hiltz.  

Shirley Hiltz:  The deadline for applications is March 18.  The work begins after that.

Traffic and Parking: [Group 11 Rep, Vice President/President Elect, USAC]; Charlotte Norris [Group 3 Rep]; Patsy Sanders [Group 31 Rep]

Karen Dolan:  We always meet the last Wednesday of the month.  We had a presentation discussing real estate changes at Vanderbilt.

Nim Chinniah (Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration):  What Karen is reporting is one of the things we did probably four years ago and that was that the majority of our real estate portfolio was occupied by external tenants. Usually in the real estate world when you lease space, a certain number of parking spaces come with that lease.  We have changed the entire focus of our real estate portfolio. Now over 90% of our real estate portfolio is occupied by Vanderbilt and tenants.  Actually effective March 1, all of those parking lots will be zoned parking. That is going to bring a substantial number of spaces on-line.

For those of you on the Peabody Campus there was some question last month about how we are going to be dealing with the Freshman Commons.  Every year in the March-April timeline, there is a  release of a color-coded map that indicates from May to May what changes – what parking lots will becoming off line; what spaces will be available; where the construction trailers will be staged.

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