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  • 1,750,000 kg of palm kernel nuts. Ideally, there will be sufficient capital and space to process the nuts into palm kernel oil, which accounts for about 50% of each nut by weight. The 875,000 kg/year of left-over shells might be sold as animal feed.

In addition, there will likely be a significant quantity of waste water from the sterilization and other processing steps.


Distribution & Marketing

Not much research has been invested yet into the plans for distribution of the palm oil. In general, the local wholesale market is targeted, meaning primarily people living within 50 km of Ibadan. Traditional distribution channels and methods will be employed if possible. The market for the palm kernel oil has not yet been explored.

2.4 Organization

Several important details are yet to be worked out with regard to the orga- nization of the project. The proposals listed here are preliminary ideas.

The money for start-up capital expenses and initial operating expenses is expected to be raised from both American and Nigerian investors who sup- port the project’s goals. An American for-profit corporation, with a Nigerian affiliate or subsidiary, will be organized with the investors owning shares in the corporation.

The company will be operated according to international standards for quality control, documentation and bookkeeping. Although this will proba- bly require some extra money to be spent hiring someone with these skills, it is expected that the investment will be worth it in the long run.


Statutory Requirements

In order for this project to succeed, an excellent relationship with the govern- ment and community leaders is absolutely essential. Based on the relation- ships already being developed through the Good Samaritan Society Mission in Oyo State, we have every reason to expect cooperation and support for a project such as this. However, details about the kind of support the govern- ment in Ibadan might be able to supply, and what kinds of incentives might


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