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Announcing Who We Are

The learners designed a business sign (or banner) to professionally display the name of the class business.

Learning Objective The learners will design, print, and post a business sign (or banner) that professionally displays the name of the class business.

Work-Based Skills EFF Skills: Interpersonal Skills: cooper- ate with others; Decision Making Skills: plan, solve problems and make deci- sions; Lifelong Learning Skills: reflect and evaluate, take responsibility for learning, use information and communications technology.

KSAs: Cooperates with others; Works on a team effectively; Listens for understanding; Quality in the work- place.

SCANS: Thinking Skills: seeing things in the mind’s eye, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, rea- soning; Interpersonal Skills: participates as a member of a team; Resources: human; Information Skills: uses computers to process information; Technology Skills: selects technology, applies technology to tasks.


  • Learner produced materials

  • Work environment

  • Critical thinking

  • Job skills

Activity Description

  • 1.

    Class business manager calls busi- ness meeting to order and informs class members that today's agenda is the creation, printing, and posting of a business sign (or banner) to appropriately advertise the name and purpose of the class business.

  • 2.

    Class business manager leads the discussion of what elements are nec- essary to consider in visually advertising one’s business.

  • 3.

    Class business manager, and practi- tioner if needed, asks the class members to research other similar professional businesses to examine their business signs (or logos). (For example: the yellow pages, signs on the outside of local businesses, busi- nesses on the Internet.)

  • 4.

    The class business manager leads the class team in brainstorming what elements, including colors, should be included on their class sign (or banner) to properly adver- tise the nature and purpose of their company.

5. Learners explore on the computer various software programs capable of creating original signs or ban- ners. The class business manager,

Families First is the Tennessee program to provide training for those welfare recipients who lack basic education skills. While learners do work toward a GED, emphasis in these classes is shifting toward the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learners need to acquire and keep a good job.


Lisa Coy Chester County Families First

Project We received an action research grant to create a work-focused Families First classroom. We created and managed a small business for our project. This is the fourth of five lessons in this series on setting up the class business:

  • 1.

    Researching a business

  • 2.

    See How We Run (Our Business)

  • 3.

    “And By What Name Shall This Business Be Known?”

  • 4.

    Announcing Who We Are

  • 5.

    Setting Up For Business

Materials and Resources

  • Class notes from learning activities one, two, and three in this action research project.

  • Copies of local newspa- pers, magazines, phone books with yellow page sections, and access to businesses on the Internet.

  • Computer and software with graphics capability to develop a banner, color printer (or black ink printer with plenty of magic




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