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markers and/or paints to apply color by hand)

  • Computer paper

Learner Level

  • Basic skills, grade levels 5.0-8.9

  • Credentialing, grade levels 9.0-12.9

Learner Grouping Whole class

Time Needed Approximately one to two hours

Setting This learning activity was used in a Families First Class that met five days a week for four hours per day in a regu- lar classroom setting.




with the practitioner’s guidance if necessary, can appoint the class to work as a whole on the project, or divide into teams to each create their idea of a business sign. If the class is divided into teams, the class business manager can suggest a vote to decide which is the best advertise- ment for the class business.

  • 6.

    After the class has agreed on which design they want for their class sign (or banner), they should save the design to the computer hard drive or floppy disk.

  • 7.

    After saving the design, the class should print the sign (or banner).

8. Next the class performs any hands on tasks necessary to assemble the sign (or banner) and display it on the wall. (We chose to laminate our banner in order to brighten the color and preserve it.)

Assessment The assessment of this group activity is the production, appearance, and dis- play of the business sign (or banner). This is a group activity with no right and wrong answers. To assess their par- ticipation, the practitioner must closely observe each learner’s behav- iors, not allowing any one particular learner to dominate decisions and encouraging participation from any reluctant participant. The practitioner can direct learners to document the



specific ways in which they partici- pated in this activity, and the experience they gained through this activity in their personal work-force journal. The work-force journal should include the learner’s personal reflec- tions after each work-force activity.

Practitioner Reflection I have found it to be far more chal- lenging and time consuming to lead or guide the learners into making their own business decision than I think it would have been to just direct the new class business. I believe, however, that this direction is vitally important in enabling the learners to obtain critical decision-making skills, gain insight into the operation of a business, and develop a professional work ethic.

Overall, I found this to be a profitable learning activity in guiding the learn- ers to critical thinking regarding work-force decisions. This activity was geared toward encouraging the learn- ers to think from an entrepreneur’s perspective, not just from an employee within a business. It also provided the learners an opportunity to take owner- ship of the class business.

At the end of this activity, it was my observation that the class members began to truly feel like they were oper- ating a business. The display of the company name and their uniquely designed banner added a sense of realism to the project.

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