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Making Birthday Calendars for Community Organizations and Businesses

Participants work together to make birthday calendars from start to finish, using “The Print Shop” computer program, a copy machine, and a binding machine.

Learning Objective

  • Learners will compile work experi- ence in using technology and in working together cooperatively on a project.

  • Learners will produce a high quality useful product.

Work-Based Skills EFF Skills: Interpersonal Skills: cooper- ate with others; Decision Making Skills: solve problems and make decisions; Lifelong Learning Skills: use information and communications technology; Communication Skills: read with under- standing.

KSAs: Works on a team effectively; Cooperates with others; Listens for understanding; Quality in the work- place.

SCANS: Basic Skills: reading; Thinking Skills: creative thinking, decision mak- ing, problem solving, reasoning; Interpersonal Skills: participates as a member of a team; Information Skills: uses computers to process informa- tion; Technology Skills: selects technology, applies technology to tasks; Resources: human.


  • Adult basic education

  • Citizen participation

  • Consumer education

  • Employability

  • Job skills

  • Learner produced materials

Activity Description “Birthday Calendars” are yearlong, month-by-month calendars made for each of the employees or associates of an organization with the names of those people printed on the dates of their respective birthdays. They are fairly easy to construct using the soft- ware program, “The Print Shop” and look professionally produced. We received an action research project mini-grant from the Center for Liter- acy Studies in collaboration with the Tennessee Department of Human Ser- vices to be used to create a work- focused classroom, and we used those funds for our start-up expenses and supplies. The practitioner should become familiar with “The Print Shop before beginning the activity. Follow- ing are the steps used to produce the calendars.

  • 1.

    Locate an organization for which to make the calendars and obtain the birthdays of the associates whose birthdays are to be included. We contacted the Department of Human Services for our first calen- dar. Birthday Calendars can be made as a public service for various community service organizations. The practitioner can initiate the contact with the agency or the adult learners can do it.

  • 2.

    Give each learner individually the opportunity to “play” with “The Print Shop” program on the computer to

Families First is the Tennessee program to provide training for those welfare recipients who lack basic education skills. While learners do work toward a GED, emphasis in these classes is shifting toward the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learners need to acquire and keep a good job.


Micki Hendrix McNairy County Adult Education and Job Training Center

Project Making Birthday Calendars is a “stand-alone” project that replicates a work environ- ment.

Materials and Resources

  • Computers

  • Computer printer

  • “The Print Shop” widely available computer pro- gram (Broderbund Software, 1997)

  • Copy machine

  • Binding machine

  • Regular and heavy weight paper.

Learner Level Learners from the beginner level to advanced can work together on this project.

Learner Grouping Whole class

Time Needed Several class sessions

Setting The setting is a Families First ABE/workforce readiness class that meets five days per week, four hours per day. Average attendance is 8-10 learners. This activity was conducted in a school set-




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