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image,” said Cordish executive Joe Weinberg.

The development, which will be located in Kansas Speedway’s Turn 2 with strong visibility and access to both Interstate 70 and Interstate 435, will bring a distinctive and energetic destination entertainment and gam- ing experience to Wyandotte County and establish the area as one of the major sports and leisure destinations in the country.

“now that we have been given the green light to develop one of the nation’s most unique sports and entertainment projects, we look for- ward to moving forward with our other announced plans. This includes requesting that nASCAR move a sec-

ond nASCAR Sprint Cup Series race to Kansas Speedway. I look forward to nASCAR’s premier stock car series racing twice a year in the nation’s heartland by no later than 2011,” said Boerger.

Kansas Speedway also promises to build a road course in the in-field for Grand Am and other sports car rac- ing.

The first phase gaming facility set to open in 2009 will include approxi- mately 2,000 slot machines and 75 gaming tables. It will operate during construction of the overall hotel casi- no and entertainment development and is projected to generate in excess of $200 million in annual revenues. The casino project will pay full prop-

Big Bucks Benefits

The Kansas Speedway and the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel mean big bucks for Wyandotte County and the State of Kansas. Here’s a quick esti- mated tally of the economic benefits:

  • Second NASCAR Sprint Cup Race: $111-million annually.

  • Sports Car Road Course: $15-million annual financial benefit to the


  • Camping World RV Rally: $10-million economic impact starting in


  • Unified Government Revenues: $19-million annually in taxes and

gaming revenues.

erty taxes, sales taxes and hotel guest taxes. no STAR Bonds or other from of tax increment financing can be used for the development. The devel-

opers agree to pay prevailing wage and strive to mett minority supplier and workforce diversity goals.

All You Need to Know about Curbside Recycling

By Kirk suther Unified Government Are you wondering what those green bins are that many residents have set out on their trash day for the past sev- eral months? Those residents are par- ticipating with the Kansas City, Kansas’ new curbside recycling program that kicked off in June.

Where can I go to get a green recy- cling bin? you can call the Unified Government’s 311 number or look on the website, www.wycokck.org, for locations where you can pickup your recycling bin. you can also always pick one up from the Wyandotte County Community Recycling Center located at 3241 Park Drive in Kansas City, Kan- sas. The Recycling Center will be the permanent location in which residents can get a recycling bin. The hours of operation for the Recycling Center are Thursdays and Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm and on fridays and Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm. To pick up a bin you need to show proof of residency in Kansas City, Kansas.

Who will receive curbside recycling services? All residents, up to a four- plex, who receive residential trash ser- vice by Deffenbaugh, who reside in Kansas City, Kansas shall have curbside recycling services available to them. This residential recycling program does not include businesses, trailer courts, apartments, or home associations that privately contract for trash services. These residents may continue to use the Recycling Center located at 3241 Park Drive, Kansas City, Kansas.


















running on trash day: one for trash and one for recycling. The green bin will tells the recycling truck to stop for


When will curbside recycling be

picked up at my home?

Pickup of

curbside recyclables will occur on the same day as your trash day each week.

normal collection hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through friday. Def- fenbaugh may come at any time during the day so have your recyclables out by 7 am. Place your recycling bin 3 feet or closer to the curb for collection. Place at least five feet away from your trash/garbage if possible. If you are lim- ited by space, separate your recyclables from your trash as much as possible. Do I have to separate recyclables? no! Just place all your recyclables into the same bin, this makes it easy and con- venient for you. We will be picking up paper, paperboard, plastic containers labeled #1 and #2, aluminum and steel cans, and corrugated cardboard. All recyclables will be picked up together weekly at the curb and taken to a facil- ity on S. 88th in Kansas City, Kansas where all the recyclables are separated and processed. This is called single stream recycling.

What types of paper will be col- lected? Examples of paper that will be picked up will be newspapers (includ- ing inserts and ads), office paper, junk mail, magazines, catalogues, and phone books. Place your paper recy- clables in your recycling bin. Try and place heavier items on top of loose paper so it does not blow out of your bin. (If you recycle your paper at your local school or church as a fundraiser, please continue to do this.)





refers to the packaging material used to











board and place them in your recycling


What types of plastics do we collect? At this point in time, we only collect plastics labeled #1 or #2. Examples of PETE #1 plastics are water bottles, soda bottles, cooking oil bottles, mouthwash bottles, and cleaning bottles. Examples of HDPE #2 plastics are milk con- tainers, juice containers, and cleaner product containers. A rule of thumb is that if the cap screws on the neck of a plastic container you can recycle the plastic. Please remove all lids or caps and throw lids & caps into garbage. Then place #1 & #2 plastics in your bin.

What types of aluminum and steel are collected? Empty soda and bever- age aluminum cans are accepted for collection. you should rinse out the cans and flatten the aluminum cans before putting them into your recy- cling bin. Empty soup, fruit, vegetable, food, and beverage steel cans are also accepted. Please rinse and clean the steel cans and place the lid inside the can and crimp close before placing them into your recycling bin.

What do you mean by corrugated




refers to shipping boxes that have the “wavy middle layer”. Boxes should be flattened and put into your bin or cut in pieces and tied together and placed on the ground under the bin. you can also fold and stuff multiple boxes into one

box and set next to the recycling bin. Can I get an additional recycling bin? At this point in time, households will only be given one container per house for weekly curbside recycling. If you need more room, you can place recy- clables in a paper sack and place it next to your recycling bin. In addition, you can place extra recyclables in a plastic container and place it behind your green bin. Label the container for recycling”.

What items are not taken with curb- side recycling? no glass. no plastic bags. no shredded paper. no carry

out pizza boxes. no books. no rofoam. no disposable diapers.

Sty- no







rine or yogurt containers.

no motor oil







egg cartons. Do I have to recycle?


tion with curbside recycling is up to each individual and is voluntary for them to participate, but everyone will be paying the same amount for trash pickup services whether they recycle or not. Resident’s monthly bill went from $6.25 per month to $9.75 per month. This monthly fee of $9.75 provides the following services: weekly trash pickup; weekly curbside recycling; the recycling center; and 7 household hazardous waste collection days each year.

How can I get more information? first of all, you can go to the Uni- fied Government’s website at www. wycokck.org, and look under the curb- side recycling link. There is informa- tion about where you can pickup con- tainers, weekly instructions, a question and answer section, and information of why it is important to recycle. you can also call the Unified Government’s 311 number.

Who do I call if I have a problem? Residents can call 311 to report any problems they may be having with the program. Please call as if you don’t call

we don’t know there is a problem.

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