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IMGP0038 – From west side of pedestrian bridge, facing east toward Garland. Note concrete wash water spill.

IMGP0039 – From pedestrian bridge, facing south toward vehicular bridge, downstream flow direction of creek. Overview of coffer dam and vehicular bridge construction.

IMGP0040, 41 – Taken from pedestrian bridge, facing east creek bank, upstream of bridges. Creek flows from top to bottom of picture frame.

IMGP0042 – Taken from pedestrian bridge, facing north toward island in braided stream channel. Creek flows from top to bottom of picture frame. Stream braids converge below pedestrian bridge.

IMGP0043 – Taken from pedestrian bridge, facing northeast toward east creek bank, north of pedestrian bridge.

IMGP0044 – From east end of pedestrian bridge on Garland slope, facing south toward downstream direction of creek. Note ineffectiveness of gator eel BMPs to capture sediment on slope.

IMGP0045 – From east Garland slope, at end of pedestrian bridge, facing southwest toward vehicular bridge. Note undersized sediment basin in foreground and stacked Ibeams, which were previously embedded in Garland slope, but failed as stabilization measure.

IMGP0046 – From east Garland slope, between pedestrian and vehicular bridge abutments, facing west toward Tlaquepaque slope.

Chapel Road site: Northeast corner of roundabout intersection

IMGP0047 – Facing southwest. Water pumped from Oak Creek Bridge coffer dam area is transported here, filtered through makeshift check dam, and discharged into drainage ditch that flows north and east to unnamed tributary of Oak Creek. Check dam is constructed of three Krails lined with filter fabric. The filter fabric is slumping, resulting in sediment discharge into drainage ditch.

IMGP0048 – Facing south within drainage ditch toward culvert outlet. Note relatively clean water coming from Chapel Road culvert mixes with discolored water in foreground, where bridge crew previously discharged water pumped from coffer dam.

IMGP0049 – From top of culvert facing north. Note disarray of construction materials where pumped water was discharged through downstream straw wattles (recently replaced). Krail check dam is located in background behind trees. Drainage ditch water flows north, from bottom to top of picture frame.

IMGP0050 – From top of Chapel Road culvert facing north. Note coir logs further down drainage ditch, installed since last rain event. Discharge of pump water blew out previous straw wattles in drainage ditch.

IMGP0051 – Taken between east side of SR 179 and drainage ditch, facing east toward pile of construction materials.

IMGP0052 – Close up of construction material pile, site of previous pump discharge, facing east.


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