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Helping industry engineer safe vehicles

  • In-Vehicle Networks and Software, 2011 SAE Paper Collection 14 papers, online April 2011, COLL-TP-00127

  • Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI) Technology Advanced Controls and Navigation Systems, 2011 SAE Paper Collection 12 papers, online April 2011, COLL-TP-00128

  • Driver-Vehicle Interaction SAE Standards Subscription SUB-STD-00010

  • SAE J2364, J2365 & J2378 TM, In-Vehicle Navigation and Route Guidance Standards while Driving

  • SAE J2831 TM , Development of Design and Engineering Standards for In-Vehicle Text Messages

  • SAE J2944 TM , Operational Definitions of Driving Performance Measures and Statistics Standard

  • What Engineers and Managers Need to Know About Human Factors, book R-331

  • Performance Metrics for Assessing Driver Distraction: The Quest for Improved Road Safety, book R-402

  • A Holistic Introduction to Commercial Telematics seminar, C0947

  • Panels/technical sessions like “The Challenges of Implementing New Technologies While Improving Safety” and “Crash Avoidance I--Crash Causation, ESC, Lane Keeping, and Other Avoidance Technologies” at such annual events as SAE Government Industry Meeting and SAE World Congress

  • SAE Convergence® 2012 Conference & Exhibition

  • Driver Vehicle Interface Technical Standards Development Committee

  • Visual Behavior and Metrics Technical Standards Development Committee

Look for all information, events, and standards initiatives related to Driver Vehicle Interface technologies at www.sae.org

One of NHTSA’s top priorities. One of SAE International’s too.

Driver Vehicle Interface

Standards & Resources from SAE

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) has identified it as one of its top priorities with the long-term goal of significantly reducing crashes attributable to driver inattention and workload. New laws and regulations are being passed at the state and local levels. Yet, solutions to safe, connected vehicles are as complex as the speed at which new mobile devices and in-vehicle technologies are introduced to the market.

SAE International can help the automotive OEM in finding those solutions. It offers a neutral forum for industry to develop needed DVI guidelines. Presently, the collective wisdom and thought leadership of industry volunteers involved in SAE’s technical standards development committees are working on defining “hands free” and providing guidance on voice recognition principles as well as timely comprehension. And with one of the largest libraries of intellectual property focused on mobility technology, the past and current work of the global engineering community can be referenced for designing and developing ways in which to best manage driver workload.

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