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Diesel Exhaust Emission Control: Modeling (Part 1 of 2) (PFL407)

Examples of Green Innovation and Sustainable Practices in the Automotive Sector: An Expert Panel Discussion (SDP114)

This session is focused on diesel engine exhaust aftertreatment system models as well as their validation and application. Technologies covered include DOC, DPF, LNT, SCR, and hybrid or combined catalysts. Modeling aspects range from fundamental, 3D models of individual components to system level simulation, optimization, and control.

The Green Technology Systems Group (GTSG) was established by the SAE Motor Vehicle Council to serve as a guiding body for consensus standards development for environmental sustainability issues in the automotive sector. This panel will address the current status of new technologies used in vehicles and vehicle manufacturing where the principles of green chemistry and engineering have been applied in their development or which have utilized natural, renewable, or recycled materials.

8:40 a.m. - 11:20 a.m.

10:00 a.m. - 11:40 a.m.


THURSDA , APRIL 14 - MORNING Technical and Business Sessions




The papers in this session are available in SAE Technical Paper Collection, COLL-TP-00164, and also individually. To purchase visit collections.sae.org

Organizers: Maruthi Devarakonda, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Colin P. Garner, Loughborough Univ.; Thomas McKinley, Cummins Inc.; Vincenzo Mulone, Univ. di Roma Tor Vergata; Cornelius Opris, Caterpillar Inc.

Organizers: Carol henry, George Washington Univ.; Nakia Simon, Chrysler Corporation LLC

Moderators: Patricia J. Beattie, Arcalis Scientific

Panelists: Michael L. Albu, PPG Chemfil Jay hutchins, Faurecia North America Bing C. Xu, Ford Motor Co. Craig Crawford, Ontario BioAuto Council Don R. Schomer, Bayer MaterialScience LLC

Planned by Exhaust Aftertreatment and Emissions Committee / Powertrain Fuels and Lubricants Activity

Planned by Sustainable Development Program Committee / Engineering Meetings Board

Byan Wahyu Riyandwita, Myung-Whan Bae, Gyeongsang National Univ.

Muthaiah PL. S., Sathyabama Univeristy; M. Senthil Kumar, SKR Engineering College; Sendilvelan Subramanian, Aksheyaa College of Engineering



11:00 a.m.

Three-Dimensional Simulation with Porous Medium as the Washcoat Layer for an SCR Monolith Reactor

10:01 p.m.

CFD Analysis of a Catalytic Converter Using Supported Copper Catalyst to Reduce Particulate Matter and Achieve Limited Back Pressure in Diesel Engine Exhaust (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)


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