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WEDNESDA , APRIL 13 - MORNING Technical and Business Sessions - page 52 / 100





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and Structures for Enhanced Automotive Safety and Weight Reduction (Part 1 of 2) (M103)


Papers with an emphasis on, but not limited to, innovative ideas to enhance automotive safety with improved material constitutive modeling, analysis methods, simulation and pre/post processing tools, optimization techniques, finite element model updating, model validation and verification techniques, restraint systems, as well as lightweight material applications and designs are highly encouraged.

This session will cover a very broad range of applications, processes and technologies as the title suggests. Please refer to the Session Schedule for M302 to get a list of specific papers / presentations contained in this session (session code: M302).

This session contains papers which describe the use of modern automotive composites in structural applications. Design, process, and analytical presentations are included, as well as papers presenting results of bonding strategies and techniques. Engineers involved in the design and use of advanced composites will find this session of particular value.

The focus of this session are the tests and test methods employed in the evaluation of the performance and durability of powertrain (engines, transmissions), driveline (4WD systems, driveshafts, axles), chassis (frame, suspensions, brakes, etc.) and body components, subsystems, and full vehicle systems.

1:00 p.m. - 4:20 p.m.

1:00 p.m. - 2:20 p.m.

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


TUESDA , APRIL 12 - AFTERNOON Technical and Business Sessions



Automotive Engineering Testing and Test Methods (M104)

Optimization of Materials, Restraints, Processes and Technologies

D0-03D Automotive Composites (M306)

D0-04B Advanced Analysis, Design, and

D0-07B Advances in Plastic Components,

Loading Path Dependence of Forming Limit Diagram of a TRIP800 Steel

New Polymer “ShIELD” Technology Protects high-Performance Nylon and PPA Polymers to Replace More Metal - For Weight and Cost Savings - Under the hood

Technical Keynote: Composites for Automotive Engine Applications

Conducting Tire-Coupled (4-Post) Durability Simulations without Road Load Data Acquisition



(Oral Only) David A. Nash, Dana Corporation

(2011-01-0225) Sam Scime, General Motors Company

Kyoo Sil Choi, Ayoub Soulami, Wenning Liu, Xin Sun, Moe Khaleel, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Patrick Granowicz, Gian Luigi Molteni, Toshikazu Kobayashi PhD, DuPont Performance Polymers

An Engineering Approach to Predict the Fracture and Tearing

Material and Design Innovation Techniques for Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Products Used in Automotive Interior Applications

Plating on Plastics - Adhesion Testing


(2011-01-0247) Steven R. Sopher, Gary C. Granthen, JSP


Kangping Wang, Yih-Charng Deng, General Motors Company; Varun Rao, GM Technical Center India Ltd. - General Motors Company; Xin Yang, General Motors Company

Matthew Carroll, Joseph Randazzo, General Motors Company

Fracture Modeling of AhSS in Component Crash Tests

Modeling of Fuel Permeation in Multilayer Automotive Plastic Fuel Tanks

Applications of Natural Fiber Composites to the Automotive Industry

Setting Up a Measuring Device to Determine the Friction of the Piston Assembly



(2011-01-0215) Mohamad S. Qatu, Mississippi State Univ.


Guofei Chen, Ming F. Shi, United States Steel Corporation; Tau Tyan, Ford Motor Company

Zohir Benrabah, Francis Thibault, Robert DiRaddo, NRC IMI

Sebastian Kunkel, Martin Werner, Georg Wachtmeister, Technische Universität München

A Mixed-Mode Fracture Criterion for AhSS Cracking Prediction at Large Strain

Enhanced heat Resistance and Durability of Engine Mount Rubber

Research of Multi-Axial Carbon Fiber Prepreg Material for Vehicle Body

Bearing Surface Requirements (Waviness) for Driveline Shafts


(2011-01-0249) Yasuhiro Goshima, honda R&D Co.,Ltd



hong Zhu, ArcelorMITTAL; Xinhai Zhu, Livermore Software Technology Corporatio

Naoyuki Takahashi, Yuji Kageyama, Nobuya Kawamura, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION

Anthony George Konstantino, Mark A. Levine, Chrysler

Mechanical Performance of Circular AA6061-T6 Extrusions Under Axial Cutting Deformation

New Surface Treatment Technologies for the Adhesive Bonding of Lightweight Aluminum-polypropylene hybrid joints in Semi-structural Applications

Experimental Investigation for Combustion Stability of Semi Direct Electronic Injection in Four Stroke SI Engine




Shun Yi Jin, William Altenhof, Univ of Windsor

Danick Gallant, Véronique Savard, Aluminium Technology Centre

Subramaniam Dhandapani Iyer, Classic Nest

Crash Performance Simulation of a Multilayer Thermoplastic Fuel Tank with Manufacturing and Assembly Consideration

Finite Element Analysis of Piezoelectric Composite Actuators

Energy Analysis of Power Steering Systems During a Newly Developed Driving Cycle




Ryan Craig, Tony (YI) Qu, Ford Motor Co.; Ligong Pan, ETA Inc. (Engineering Tech. Assoc); Tau Tyan, Ford Motor Co.; Jiamaw Doong, Ford Light Truck Div.; Syed Ahmad, Yi Zhang, Ford Motor Co.

Johnson Joseph, University of Kentucky; S Raja, National Aerospace Laboratories,INDIA; Y Charles Lu, University of Kentucky

Jinhuai Lin, Peter Pfeffer, Munich University of Applied Sciences; Manfred harrer, Porsche AG

Crash Modeling of high-Pressure Wet Wound Composite Vessels

hybrid Natural Fiber Composite Molded Auto Body Panels/Skins (hybrid NFPC)

Vehicle Emission and Fuel Economy Simulation Study Using a Powertrain Dynamometer



(2011-01-0231) YoungJae Jung, Yeongwoo Yoo, GMDAT

Stephan Fell, Thorsten Schuetz, Valentin Schultheis, Adam Opel AG - General Motors Company; Sang-Guk Kang, Bazle Gama, University of Delaware

hariharan Peringara Vaidyanathan, Agro- Biogenics, Bangalore; Pilaka Murty, GVP College of Engineering; Sai Pavan Eswara, Continental AG

1:20 p.m.

1:40 p.m.

2:00 p.m.

2:20 p.m.

2:40 p.m.

3:00 p.m.


SAE 2011 World Congress

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Organizers: Edwin Goyzueta, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory Inc.; Robert Maynard, EMS-Grivory America; Y Charles Lu, Univ of Kentucky

Organizers: Nishkamraj Umakant Deshpande, Dura Automotive Systems Inc.; Y Charles Lu, Univ. of Kentucky; Srikanth Pilla, Suganit Systems; Richard D. Tonda, SEA Limited; Enamul haque, Bostik Inc

Chairpersons: Edwin Goyzueta, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory Inc; Robert Maynard, EMS-Grivory America

Chairpersons: Nishkamraj Deshpande, DURA AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS IN; Enamul haque, Bostik Inc.; Y Charles Lu, Univ. of Kentucky; Srikanth Pilla, Suganit Systems; Richard Tonda, SEA Limited

1:00 p.m.

Organizers: William J. Altenhof, Univ. of Windsor; Sheng-Dong Liu, Generalety LLC; Jwo Pan, Univ. of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Tau Tyan, Ford Motor Co.; Guofei Chen, United States Steel Corporation; Wei Li, First Technology Safety Systems Inc

Chairpersons: William J. Altenhof, Univ. of Windsor; Guofei Chen, United States Steel Corporation; Wei Li, General Motors LLC; Sheng-Dong Liu, Generalety LLC; Jwo Pan, Univ. of Michigan- Ann Arbor; Tau Tyan, Ford Motor Co.

Organizers: Darryl S. Taylor, Boeing; Mike Temkin, Chrysler Corp.

Chairpersons: Mike Temkin, Chrysler Corp; Darryl Taylor, Boeing

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