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AFTERNOON Technical and Business Sessions




Chat with the Experts: Reliability- Based Fatigue Analysis and Testing (MCHAT101)

Rainflow cycle counting matrix will be addressed. The life curves associated with a specific reliability/confidence level. And the purpose of rainflow cycle extrapolation is to predict the rainflow cycle matrix for a much longer time period based on a short-term load measurement as well as to estimate the rainflow cycle matrix for the single most damaging customer usage condition based on a set of several customer usage data.

4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Keynote Speakers: Yung-Li Lee, Chrysler Group LLC

Planned by Materials Engineering Activity / EMB Land and Sea Group


SAE 2011 World Congress

Advanced Analysis, Design, and Optimization of Materials, Restraints, and Structures for Enhanced Automotive Safety and Weight Reduction (Part 2 of 2) (M103)

Advances In Light Weight Materials - Aluminum (M401)

CAE Analysis, Test Correlation and Optimization: NVH CAE (Part 1 of 2) Session 1 (M601)

Papers with an emphasis on, but not limited to, innovative ideas to enhance automotive safety with improved material constitutive modeling, analysis methods, simulation and pre/post processing tools, optimization techniques, finite element model updating, model validation and verification techniques, restraint systems, as well as lightweight material applications and designs are highly encouraged.

This session presents the latest developments in automotive applications of aluminum castings and wrought products. The papers cover a wdie range of the technical aspects including alloy development, lightweight design, process development and simulation as well as performance optimization.

Application and development of numerical methods along with test correlation and optimization for NVh issues of full vehicle and sub-assembly are the interested topics in this session.

8:00 a.m. - 11:40 a.m.

8:00 a.m. - 10:40 a.m.

8:00 a.m. - 11:40 p.m.



WEDNESDA , APRIL 13 - MORNING Technical and Business Sessions



Development of Additional SAE J2643 Standard Reference Elastomers

A Demonstration of Local heat Treatment for the Preform Annealing Process



Nancy Zeng, General Motors Company; Randy L. Dickerman, Chrysler Group LLC

Theresa M. Lee, John E. Carsley, Susan hartfield-Wunsch, General Motors Company

Understanding CAE Needs for Data on Plastics - A Materials Engineer’s Perspective

Effect of Surface Finish on Aluminum Sheet Friction Behavior

Modeling Dynamic Stiffness of Rubber Isolators



(2011-01-0492) Yuan Zhang, General Motors Company

Brian P. hake, General Motors Company

Susan E. hartfield-Wunsch, General Motors Company; Donald Cohen, Michigan Metrology; L. Rafael sanchez PhD, University of Colorado Denver; Lars-Erik Brattstrom, Saab Automobile

Virtual Design Optimization of Thermoplastic Steering Wheel

Effects on Surface Roughness and Friction on Aluminum Sheet under Plain Strain Cyclic Bending and Tension

The Prediction of the Flow Induced Noise Related to Automotive hVAC Systems




Subrata Nayak, Ankit Garg, SM Kumar, Narasimhan Krishnamoorthy, GE India Technology Center Pvt Ltd; Manish Chaturvedi, Matthew Marks, SABIC Innovative Plastics

L. Rafael Sanchez PhD, University of Colorado Denver; Susan hartfield- Wunsch, General Motors Company

Dongkon Lee, hyundai-Kia R&D Center; Franck Perot, Exa Corporation; Kang-Duck Ih, hyundai Motor Co; David Freed, Exa Corporation

Improving the Accuracy of hybrid III- 50th Percentile Male FE Model

Application and Performance Characteristics of Aluminum Armor Plate for the hull Construction of Current and Future Military Tactical Vehicles

Vibro-Acoustic Sensitivity Analysis of Automotive Engine Mounts for NVh Refinement Using Transfer Function Synthesis and Numerical Models




Xuru Ding, Yi-Pen Cheng, Wenyu Lian, General Motors Company; Fuchun Zhu, Zaifei Zhou, humanetics Invovative Solutions

hormoz Ghaziary, Aleris Aluminum Europe

Avnish Gosain, Mugundaram Ravindran, Amit Gautam, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Application of CAP to Analyze Mechanisms Producing Dummy Injury Readings under U.S. Side Impact Test Conditions

Development of Cast-Forged Knuckle using high Strength Aluminum Alloy

Radiated Fuel Tank Slosh Noise Simulation




Yuji Fujiyama, Daisuke Sonoyama, Kazuhiro Obayashi, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.; Qiang Yu PhD, Yokohama National University

Minsoo Kim, hyundai-Kia Motors R & D Div.; Taesung Lim; Kwangmin yoon; Youngjin Ko; Jong Myung Kim, hyundai Motor Co.; Kihoon Kwak

Fan Li, Stephen D. Sibal, General Motors Company; Ian Francis McGann, LMS Americas; Raphael hallez, LMS International

8:00 a.m.

8:20 a.m.

8:40 a.m.

9:00 a.m.

9:20 a.m.

9:40 a.m.

Organizers & Chairpersons: William J. Altenhof, Univ. of Windsor; Sheng-Dong Liu, Generalety LLC; Jwo Pan, Univ. of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Tau Tyan, Ford Motor Co.; Guofei Chen, United States Steel Corp; Wei Li, First Technology Safety Systems Inc.

Technical Keynote: Numerical Simulations of Noise Induced by Flow in hVAC Ventilation Ducts


Jun Chen, Purdue Univ.; Zhengqi Gu, hunan Univ.; Yiping Wang, hunan Univ. and Purdue Univ.

Organizers: Sooho Kim, Korea Institute of Materials Science; Alan Luo, General Motors Company; Douglas Richman, Kaiser Aluminum

Chairpersons: Sooho Kim, GM R&D Center; Alan Luo, General Motors Company; Douglas Richman, Kaiser Aluminum

Organizers: Weiguo Zhang, Comet Tech. Corp.; Luohui Long, Ford Motor Company; Jianmin Gu, Ford Motor Co.; Chang Qi, Dalian University of Technology; Guofei Chen, United States Steel Corp.; Guangtian Gavin Song, AM General LLC

Chairpersons: Weiguo Zhang, Comet Tech Corp; Luohui Long, Ford Motor Co.; Jianmin Gu, Ford Motor Co

Development of Sensor Attachment Criteria (Immunity) - Side Impact Sensor Mounted on Door Impact Beam

Aluminum Association’s Aluminum Transportation Group


Shunmugam Baskar, John Morley, General Motors Company

(Oral Only) Randall Scheps, Alcoa Automotive

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