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WEDNESDA , APRIL 13 - MORNING Technical and Business Sessions - page 60 / 100





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WEDNESDA , APRIL 13 - AFTERNOON Technical and Business Sessions




CAE Analysis, Test Correlation and Optimization: NVH CAE (Part 1 of 2) Session 2 (M601)

D0-05A CAE Durability Analysis &

Applications (Part 2 of 2) (M602)

D0-02A Load Simulation and Analysis

in Automotive Engineering: Multibody Dynamics System Modeling and Applications (Part 4 of 5) (M501)


Structural Plastic Composite Components - The Other Lightweight Material (M310)

Application and development of numerical methods along with test correlation and optimization for NVh issues of full vehicle and sub-assembly are the interested topics in this session.

This technical session will focus on advanced technologies in material modeling, stress calculation and fatigue analysis, not only innovative and improved methods in these areas but also innovative and improved applications to automotive engineering. This technical session accepts papers in the following specific areas: new material constitutive model development, innovative and improved modeling techniques for stresses, recent advances in fatigue damage calculation and fatigue life predictions .

1:00 p.m. - 2:40 p.m.

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Focuses on multibody system modeling & simulation, rigid & flexible body modeling, mount loads predictions, compare modeling techniques between vehicle dynamics and durability loads simulations, optimal development process considering vehicle dynamics and durability loads, data processing & analysis techniques, loads sensitivity analyses for design parameters, DOE & optimal design for loads minimization, robust design, driver modeling, and real-time simulation.

Industry experts will present their views on the state of the industry relative to polymer based structural components technologies for light duty vehicles. Topics will include advancements in metal-to- plastic conversion, plastic hybrid with metal or continuous fiber inserts, carbon fiber composites plus modeling crash worthiness for composites. A panel discussion will follow what is needed to achieve high volume, cost effective structural composite plastic adoption beginning in 2017.

1:00 p.m. - 3:20 p.m.

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Limitations Of Using Drive Point Mobility

Temperature Effect in Exhaust System Fatigue Life Prediction

A Method for Applying Multi-Flexbody Simulation to Non-Linear Joint Analysis

Opportunities for Lightweighting Vehicles using Advanced Plastics and Composites

(2011-01-0502) Yuan Zhang, General Motors Company

(2011-01-0783) Shengbin (Burt) Lin, Tenneco Inc.

(Oral Only) Paul D. Fotsch, VPDS Inc.

(Oral Only) Tom hollowell, George Washington Univ.

Advanced Computational Aero-Acoustic Simulation of Complex Automotive Exhaust Systems

Path-length based Statistical Analysis of Random Multi-axial Fatigue Loading histories

Math-based Modeling and Parametric Sensitivity Analysis of Torque Converter Performance Characteristics

Advances in Metal-to-Plastic Components & Modeling




(Oral Only) Mike Minnichelli, BASF Corp.

Julien Caradonna, Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies

Zhigang Wei, Fulun Yang, henry Cheng, Tenneco Automotive Company

hadi Adibi Asl, Nasser Lashgarian Azad, John McPhee, Univ of Waterloo

Boundary Condition Effect on the Correlation of an Acoustic Finite Element Passenger Compartment Model

Equilibrium Mechanism Based Linear Curve Fitting Method and its Application

Modeling and Simulation of Peak Load Events Using Adams - Driving Over a Curb and Skid Against a Curb

Thermoplastic hybrid Seating and Other Applications




(Oral Only)

Sangyun Lee, Kwangseo Park, GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co. - General Motors Company; Shung h. Sung, Donald J. Nefske, General Motors Company

Zhigang Wei, Fulun Yang, henry Cheng, Tenneco Automotive Company

Anders Wirje, Kristian Carlsson, Volvo Car Corporation

Robert William huber, Faurecia Automotive Seating Inc.

Structural Dynamics Characterization of the Vehicle Seat for NVh Performance Analysis

Dynamic Vehicle Durability Simulation and Applications using Modal Stress Methodology

Taguchi method (DOE) Based Performance Optimization of Three Link Rigid Axle Passenger Car Suspension using MBD Simulations

Roof Structure MEARS

(2011-01-0501) Mohammad Fard, RMIT University



(Oral Only) Shawn Morgans, Ford Motor Co.

Maolin Tsai, hyung-Joo hong, Robert L. Geisler, Glenn T. Babiak, General Motors Company

Prajakta Paluskar, Rohit Vaidya, TATA Motors Ltd , India

Acoustic Signature for Seat Rattles

Failure Analysis of Automotive Exhaust System hot End

Ground Clearance Simulation at GM Europe using hyperworks/MotionView

Carbon Fiber Composite: A Corvette Perspective

(2011-01-0504) Mohammad Fard



(Oral Only) Mark Voss, General Motors Company

Zhi-Jun Dai, hongbo he, Donghui Xu, Tenneco China R&D Center

Dr. Peter Riede, Mark Beer, Peter Erb, Christoph halfmann, Adam Opel AG - General Motors Company

Failure Evaluation of The Clinched Thin Gauged Pedestrian Friendly hood by Slam Simulation

Modeling of Complicated Multi-Body Systems with Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm

Low Cost Carbon Fiber


(2011-01-0736) Peilin Song, AMSAA US Army, APG, MD

(Oral Only)

Seung Baek, GMDAT; hwa-Won Lee, General Motors; Changkun Lee, Dongseok Kim, GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co.


1:00 p.m.

1:20 p.m.

1:40 p.m.

2:00 p.m.

2:20 p.m.

2:40 p.m.

Organizers: Weiguo Zhang, Comet Tech. Corp.; Luohui Long, Ford Motor Company; Jianmin Gu, Ford Motor Co.; Chang Qi, Dalian University of Technology; Guofei Chen, United States Steel Corp.; Guangtian Gavin Song, AM General LLC

Organizers: Yung-Li Lee, Chrysler Group LLC; Mark A. Pompetzki, hBM-nCode; Guofei Chen, United States Steel Corporation; Guangtian Gavin Song, AM General LLC; Ali Fatemi, Univ. of Toledo; Steven Tipton, Univ. of Tulsa; Fan Li, GM; Mike Guo, Chrysler

Chairpersons: Weiguo Zhang, Comet Tech Corp; Jianmin Gu, Ford Motor Co; Luohui Long

Chairpersons: Fulun Yang, Tenneco Inc; Fan Li, GM; Guofei Chen, United States Steel Corporation; Guangtian Song, AM General LLC

Organizers: Jinzhong Wang, MSC Software; Paramsothy Jayakumar, TARDEC; Xiaobo Yang, Oshkosh Corporation; Peijun Xu, Ebco Inc.

Chairpersons: Paramsothy Jayakumar, TARDEC; Jinzhong Wang, MSC Software Corp

Organizers: Marianne S. Morgan, BASF Corp.

Chairpersons: Lawrence Berkowski, BASF Automotive Products

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SAE 2011 World Congress

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