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IBS is All Over Your Supermarket!

Tony Myers, IBS Retail/Grocery Unit Director

When you think of Inteplast, IBS or the Grocery/Retail business, you normally think of the state-of- the-art, world class plant in Lolita, Texas, one of the largest manufacturing sites in the world. Inteplast, and its Grocery/Retail business, is much more of a global supplier to supermarkets and retail chains, making and delivering a broad range of products from multiple plants and countries throughout the globe

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    not just Texas.

Take the average supermarket in the United States, which offers a significant opportunity for Inteplast in terms of number of products and volume. Walk into the supermarket and the first thing encountered might be the front end bags or T-shirt bags. They are mostly seen at checkout counters and have high visibility. As you walk to the Produce section of the supermarket, you will find Produce bags, made both in Texas and in Asia, depending on the style. The IBS lines of Side Print roll bags and Fresh 4 You low profile bags are the broadest in the industry. After Produce, you can walk to the Deli section and find deli bags, scale sheets, PVC films, deli sheets and meat films, along with plastic and vinyl gloves. These are items you may not always associate with Inteplast. Continuing to the shelves of the store aisles, you might find retail can liners or food bags packaged for resale to the consumer. In the candy section Inteplast has a complete range of food bags for purchasing bulk candies. At the flower counter you might see plastic PolyPro sheeting, and at a nearby stand, umbrella bags. As you leave the store, don’t forget your 5lb and 10lb plastic ice bags for the summer season.

Behind the scenes in the packing and baking sections of the supermarket, you will find bread being

packaged in Inteplast bread bags. Bun rack covers cover the fresh baked cakes, pies and donuts on the sheet pans coming out

of the oven. To round out our supermarket tour, let’s not forget FoodTown customer purchasing a box of Reddi all the can liners used in trash cans throughout and in the back of Bags, as IBS’ Mark Gould, helps bag the groceries. the store. Finally, there is stretch film, that we get from our friends at Amtopp. Supermarkets use large amounts of stretch wrap. At IBS, we have the established customer relationships to build on this product. IBS also distributes non-woven and reusable bags brought in from Asia for customers who prefer these types of bags. Add in bin covers, grape bags, banana bags and a few other items and you might gain a better picture of our full impact on supermarkets and why IBS is the best choice in the market. These are items that IBS delivers to supermarkets every day, from domestic and foreign manufacturing sites. No other plastic manufacturer can put so many different products on one truck with one delivery. Many of these products are warehoused from around the world at Inteplast plants in Texas and Massachusetts for distribution.

IBS is aware of its environmental footprint. All of the products are recyclable, and have the capability to be manufactured as both oxo-degradable and compostable bags for customers sensitive to the environmental impact of their purchases. The next time you make a trip to your local supermarket, take a look around at all the ways IBS impacts our lives through your store. IBS provides the packaging that keeps food fresh and the ability to transport these items from the store to home or business, safely and cleanly. IBS is the only one stop supplier in the bag business today, reaching beyond the standard T-shirt bags, to areas and categories of food packaging that far exceed our competitors.

Erick Worsdorfer of IBS, trying his hand at using a bun rack cover in FoodTown’s bakery section.

The same holds true for its retail accounts, like Saks, Macy’s, Men’s Warehouse, OfficeMax, Charming Shopps and others. In addition to the many items sourced globally to complete the full bundle of products for the supermarket, much the same is done for the retail side of business. In addition to the front end bags, IBS also supplies bags from Asia and the two Canadian plants in Delta and Saint John, Canada. Many of those products are low density

merchandise bags like you find at Old Navy, Gap, JC Penney, Lane Bryant, Ross, Kohls and other retailers. They focus on low density as compared to the high density bags manufactured in Lolita. Because image is so important to many retailers, they like the soft feel of the low density (LLDPE) product. Garment bags are made both in Lolita and overseas depending on the detail of the product. Patch Handle, Thick/Thin, WaveTop and other types of bag designs are desireable to customers. The design, size, style and specs for retail bags vary broadly from T-shirt bags. Inteplast (IBS) maintains plants, partners and operations from around the world to meet all potential customer needs. The IBS Art & Plate department is one of the finest in the industry developing designs, styles and logo’s for many customers. INSIDE THIS ISSUE: What Happens to the Water? TUF board® Online Marketing IBS Strengthens Product Offerings IntePro® is a Green Answer World-Pak Expansion XFAdds Smooth Film Four Pros with a Long History IBS Advisory Council Visits Texas 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 6 Inteplast (IBS) one stop shopping is available to all customers - making their buying decisions easy, combining multiple items they need on the same truck, keeping their inventory low, their service levels high, and offering them the opportunity to go from 5 or 6 suppliers to one. IBS is a World of Bags. Making products domestically and globally adds to and compliments the product line-up and gives customers the most advanced and broadest array of products available in the market. The next time you go shopping, think Inteplast.

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