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IBS Further Strengthens Product Offerings

On May 3, 2010, Integrated Bagging Systems (IBS) announced the purchase of Medical Packaging Division from Uniflex Holdings, part of S. Walter Packaging Corp. Medical Packaging Division includes specimen transfer bags, stat bags, personal belongings bags and other medical packaging products. The acquisition is a valued addition to the Inteplast product portfolio, as it brings the Speci-Gard® brand name, sales and a new customer base into the IBS fold.

Originally formed in the early 1960s, Medical Packaging Division has built a solid reputation in the healthcare industry. The Speci-Gard® name is a well respected brand in the medical community and possesses a leading share position within the adhesive closure specimen transfer bag market. Sample of Speci-Gard® Specimen Transport Bags now offered through Inteplast’s IBS Division. Medical Packaging Division is a beneficial addition to IBS’s already-strong healthcare plastics and packaging initiatives. With the addition of these products, IBS can now focus on both segments of the health care market, group purchasing organizations (GPOs), as well as the med-surge distributors.

For IBS, this move allows the Company to gain access to new customers in the med-surge distribution arena. It also affords IBS the opportunity to leverage and strengthen existing offerings and product presence in current GPO customers. This new division provides a value-added product line for the IBS portfolio and enhances the appeal of the overall product bundle with both healthcare distributors and providers.

The acquisition also opens up the potential for IBS to utilize its global supply chain sourcing expertise to become a more significant force in the zipper closure specimen transfer bag market segment; a current void in Medical Packaging Division’s product offering.

As part of the acquisition, Kevin Grobe has joined the Inteplast Team as National Sales Manager for the Healthcare Products Group of the Foodservice Business Unit of IBS. Kevin has worked in the medical industry for several years as both a distributor sales representative and marketing manager for Cardinal Health. Most recently, he had responsibility for the medical product line at Uniflex. Kevin’s experience with med-surge distributors, as well as his expertise with the product line will significantly benefit the Company’s sales efforts.

The transition of the Uniflex Medical Packaging Division to Inteplast Group, IBS was finalized on July 6, 2010, when the Company assumed total responsibility for the order entry, materials management, shipping and invoicing of all healthcare products.

Kevin Grobe, National Sales Manage , Healthcare Products Group of the Foodservice Business Unit of IBS.

IBS looks forward to achieving great success with this latest venture!

Paul Ulrich Director Foodservice Business Unit, IBS

IntePro® is a Green Answer

containers flow through the system properly and are inspected, cleaned and repaired as needed. The 2009 energy crisis was the catalyst that accelerated the use of reusable materials throughout supply chains and across all industries. The economic recession also drove businesses to reduce costs wherever possible. At that time, there was rising global awareness that businesses would have to change their practices to reduce their detrimental effects on the earth’s resources. These economic and cultural forces created the perfect combination that resulted in significant increases in the adaptation of reusable packaging, both as a solution to decrease cost and drive supply chain sustainability. IntePro® Marketing has been dedicated to reusable containers in different industries for years. End users range from the automotive industry (GM, Ford) to snack foods (Frito-Lay) to retail businesses (Wal-Mart). Automobile customers use reusable IntePro® containers to transfer parts between their satellite factories and assembly plants. Snack food customers use IntePro® auto locking bottom (ALB) boxes to transport their snacks between warehouse locations and vending machines. Retail stores have proven that IntePro® containers can be reused more than 100 times between their central distribution centers (CDC) and store locations. Reusable packages are typically made of virgin or recycled-content plastic such as our IntePro® corrugated plastic containers. IntePro® is also resistant to chemicals and moisture, offers a stronger alternative to cardboard boxes and insulates better than wood or metal. IntePro® reusable containers have been designed for many years of use; these sturdy containers protect products, especially in rough shipping environments. Reusable transport packaging is a smart alternative to shipping with materials that can only be used once. This packaging can lower company costs, support the bottom line and contribute to the health of our environment. Reusable boxes reduce waste and cut company costs, while conserving energy and natural resources. Replacing single-use containers with reusable IntePro® boxes supports both the environment and the company’s bottom line. It’s simple: when a company ships items in reusable packaging, such as plastic containers or reusable bins, they are maximizing the benefits of reusable transport packaging! Reusable transport packaging replaces one-time (and limited-use) pallets and boxes with reusable totes, bins, and pallets. Companies that ship in closed loop systems are ideal candidates for reusable packaging because the return of empty packages is handled with ease. Businesses that ship products in a managed open-loop system can also use rental systems to outsource the management of the reusable containers and pallets, ensuring that the We believe that more and more companies will join this trend of reusable packaging and enjoy the benefit of our IntePro® return/reusable containers. Andy Chen Assistant Director, World-Pak Matthew White, Sr. Converting Operato , Profile Plant.

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