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World-Pak Expansion

XFAdds Smooth Film

There are 550,000 square feet in the XF building on the Inteplast Lolita site. And there’s lots going on under that big expansive roof.

Ordinarily when we think of the XF facility we think of IntePlus® film, a three-layer, co-extruded cross-laminated film used for everything from moisture barriers in the construction industry to tube bags filled with play sand. But over the past 12 months Inteplast Group has made a sizeable investment in the XF facility. In particular there are two new processes underway.

First TUF board®, the PVC product discussed in previous news letters and pioneered by World-Pak’s PVC Sheet & Board Unit, has expanded into the building. In late 2009 the PVC Sheet unit was reorganized into two units. PVC Sheet and Board Plant I is located in the PVC Sheet building and PVC Sheet and Board Plant II is located in the eastern portion of the XF facility. PVC Sheet and Board Plant I remained under the management of Kevin Sung, while PVC Sheet and Board Plant II is under the management of Tom Hsiao. The expansion of Plant II included 8 new extrusion lines to produce decking and initially 2 extrusion lines for TUF board® Siding. Additionally 6 more extrusion lines are planned for TUF board® Siding by the end of 2010 due to the intense popularity of this product. Of course you can not produce PVC decking with

Jamie Wu, Business Director, introduced John Coyne as the new National Sales Manager for IntePlus® to the Lolita site in mid-July. According to Wu, Coyne will be responsible for development of the new team, to market the cross laminated strength film currently under development. Coyne comes to Inteplast with many years of experience in the strength film market. This effort is a new push for World-Pak’s XF films and marks their entry into the strength film business. The new smooth film

Jamie Wu, Business Directo , and John means new customers . ll Coyne, Nationa Sa es Manager.

Coyne talked excitedly about the prospects for the new film. He stressed applications for flexible packaging, tag and label, pilfer resistance and basically anything that needs a strong film. Both he and Wu expect this film to be a major contributor to World-Pak’s bottom line.

just extrusion lines so four new silos were installed as well. The mixing and blending mechanisms for the new lines are custom built by in-house engineering staff under the direction of JW Chen, Director, and Daniel Montgomery, Maintenance Engineer. Particularly exciting were the first runs of the siding product since this is a new product for Inteplast’s World-Pak. TUF board® Siding offers a new generation of siding using breakthrough technology. PVC with a foam core and rigid cap give it superior qualities to traditional siding. It is 50% lighter than fiber cement siding and the solar reflective surface maximizes energy performance.

Also going on in the XF building is a quiet revolution in cross-laminated film. Hsiao explained to Inteplast News that they are in the development and testing phase of a smooth film. This new and as yet unnamed product will have the strength of traditional XF film, but is lighter, uses fewer raw materials and possesses superior print capability. This last feature is due to the smooth surface as compared to the ridged surface of IntePlus®. There are similarities in the manufacturer of traditional XF film and the new smooth film but the stretching and lamination processes differ. Initially this film will be made on a small scale as the process is perfected. However, plans are on the drawing board to expand the production capacity.

Daniel Montgomery checking calibrations on the new V-laminator machine in XF.

Montgomery spoke with pride of the efforts and engineering that have gone into the development of this process. He said that doing so much development in- house has instilled a great sense of ownership among the participants. The Maintenance Department worked directly on creating the machinery from idled and newly purchased parts. He credits the skill and experience of the maintenance staff in XF with this success. “Only individuals with their years of experience and knowledge would have been able to build this machinery,” said Montgomery. Going from discussions to concept, onto paper, construction and wiring make this design uniquely World-Pak’s. This new smooth film will come to market before the end of August 2010.

Both Hsiao and Montgomery were quick to point out that the motivation for all this change and innovation in XF is the customer and their specific needs. So when you see your friends in XF ask for an update – because there’s a lot going on in that half million square feet.

Brenda Wilson Human Resources Manager

TUF board® Siding production line.

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