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infrastructure needs of Nueces County. The project targets the rehabilitation of 280 miles of county roadways and the replacement of 39 bridges in an aggressive 18-month completion timeline.

DL, Inc. project team members were contracted to provide road and bridge inspection services with respect to quality control, quality assurance, and testing. In order to ensure construction work adheres to design specifications and is built to quality standards, Nueces County invested in project inspection services through DL, Inc.

Nueces County also hired DL, Inc. to coordinate all aspects of community awareness as it pertains to the project. Together with Nueces County, DL, Inc. developed a Public Involvement Strategic Plan that addresses community awareness implementation procedures to maximize public participation throughout the course of the project.

The strategy utilizes a variety of tools for communicating with the public – from facilitation of public meetings, direct mail campaigns, and public relation activities, to designing project Web sites and multi-media events. The approach is designed to recognize and identify stakeholder interests, create an open forum for communication and to build enthusiasm, ownership and support for the NCIRP.

Overall project performance objectives were delivered ahead of schedule and under budget – including directly serving over 10,000 affected residents and stakeholders through public involvement programs. (*Local communities affected by the infrastructure improvement project include: Corpus Christi, Robstown, Agua Dulce, Banquete, Bishop, Petronila, Driscoll and Port Aransas.)

Nueces County Airport Period of Performance: April 2004 – June 2004 Project Engineer: S&B Infrastructure Project Cost: $500,000.00 DL, Inc.’s Role: Inspection, QA/QC

Project/Job Description: time, on-site inspection

DL, Inc. provided full- of the renovation of

Nueces County Airport. Duties included conducting project inspections, adhering to safety

standards, maintenance of

field notes and daily






preparation and dissemination of weekly monthly progress reports to the engineer, coordinating field survey requirements.

and and

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