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Monkey was upset. No food could be found anymore in the forest of the little island of Buyayaw. He was very hungry indeed. Of course, he could go to the mainland, where there was plenty of food, but that was exactly the problem. How could he cross the channel of water, infested with the voracious crocodiles?

"Well, let's find out from the water," Monkey said. "You, water, if it will be dangerous for me to cross, you should become cold."

He dipped with his hand into the water, and cold it was indeed! But to die from hunger wasn't a pleasure either, so he would try to cross the channel, whatever the outcome!

So Monkey started out. In the middle of the channel, Crocodile was waiting for him!

"What do you want of me, Crocodile?" Monkey asked.

"Well," Crocodile said, "I'll just have your liver. That's what I like best."

"My liver! exclaimed Monkey. "That's just too bad. I left it on the shore because if I took it along, I would surely be drowned. But as a good friend, I am willing to get it for you. Maybe you could give me a ride on your back?"

And then they went to the shore. With a great leap Monkey jumped onto solid land and turned around at a safe distance.

"You stupid Crocodile," he shouted, "did you ever hear about a man who left his liver behind!"

And after that he disappeared into the forest, leaving an angry crocodile behind.

But Crocodile planned to take revenge, and one day he hid himself in the house of Monkey, while Monkey was out. But Monkey was suspicious, and wanted to make sure as to whether or not Crocodile was inside the house.

"If somebody is in the house, let him keep silent," Monkey shouted, "but if nobody is inside, he should give a yell."

And sure enough, Crocodile gave a terrific yell!

Said Monkey, "You stupid Crocodile, have you ever heard a house yell, when nobody was inside!"

But Crocodile didn't give up. One day later on he had been wallowing in the mud and had an awful stench. Flies were settling on his body as if he had already died. While this was happening Monkey came up, so Crocodile acted as if he was a real cadaver.

Monkey came nearer. Crocodile looked dead, all right, but one couldn't be sure. "You, cadaver, if you are alive, don't make a sound. But if you are really dead, let me hear it."

And Crocodile gave a thundering roar!

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