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Sensitivity analysis of the evaporation module of the E-DiGOR model

resulted in the same ratio of increase in the minimum water potential as an absolute value (Table 2). Since the dependent variable of equation (ψad) was a logarithmic function (ln Hr) of relative humidity (fractional), the sensitivity coefficients of relative humidity showed a great deal of variation (Figure 4). The change pattern of ψad was moderately consistent with the pattern of SHr. This means that the presence or absence of nonlinearities or correlative interactions


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with other parameters should be considered (van Griensven et al. 2006). In spite of this fact, detailed information about the success of the model or its limitations was obtained, and the effect levels of the inputs on the predicted values of the model were determined. It can be concluded that normalised, local, and first-order sensitivity analysis is sufficient to evaluate the performance of the soil evaporation module of the E-DiGOR model.

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