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a lack o fjudicial inspectionand accountability; and (v) unclear divisionbetweenpolitical and administrativeaffairs within the judiciary system.


Governance. In 1999, the GoM launchedthe National Policy to Fight Corruption.

Since then, implementationhas beenprogressing, albeit at a slow pace due to the sheer complexity o f the issues coupledwith the weak judicial system. InJuly 2002, the GoM formed an ad hoc committee on corruptionas part o f the Prime Minister’s office, which led to the Council o f Ministers’ adoption o f several committee recommendationsto create and

strengthen internal inspections and limit procurement abuses. The committee’s work benefitedfrom the Bank-prepared“Recommendations to Reinforcethe Anti-Corruption Program” published inApril 2002 at the GoM’s request. Efforts needto be enhancedto implement further recommendationsfrom the Report.


Public ExpenditureManagement. The GoM has made some strides inimproving

public finance management. Efficiency and efficacy inthe budget preparationprocedures have improvedsince the introductiono f program-budgetsin 1998 and the increase inthe number o f Inspectors and Magistrates. The Lois de Re‘glement 1997 to 2001 have been produced, adoptedby the Cabinet and submittedto Parliamentfor approval. Inaddition, improvedinspections and a newly adoptednomenclaturehave increasedtransparency and

monitoring o f budget implementation. The GoM i s committedto strengtheningthese reforms and to implementingthe recommendationso f the World Bank-led2002-3 Country Financial Accountability Assessment (CFAA). As part o f the HIPC Expenditure TrackingAssessment,

the GoMhas made very strongprogress on implementingmeasures outlined inthe related action planto improve public expenditure management, and has just created a ve‘rzjkateur inde‘pendunt, similar to a general accounting office. Furthermore, the GoM i s preparing a referendumto separate the section des comptes from the Supreme Court to create an independent Cour des Comptes (ajudicial court).


With the 2003 Budget, the authorities have introduceda three-yearmedium-term

expenditure framework. A proceduresmanual for budget executionhas beenpreparedand internal audit functions have been strengthened. Also, the capabilities o f the Court o f Accounts have been strengthened with additional staff and new facilities to enable clearing the backlogo f work and ensuringtimely completiono f responsibilities inthe future. With a view toward strengtheningthe budget informationsystem, mechanismsto integratethe computer systems o f the treasury, budget, and financial control departments are being developed, and will be tested and installedinthe coming year. Additionalmeasures will be

pursuedto ensure continued improvementsinpublic expenditure management.


Procurement. In 1995, the GoM implementeda public procurementcode and

procurementregulations. While private sector procurementfunctions relatively well, Government procurementsuffers from inefficiency due to weak capacity inhumanand

administrativeresources, and a lack o f decentralizationo f procurementprocedures. Corrective measures are beingtakento improvetransparency by reducing leeway for

subjective decision-makinginpublic procurementprocedures, and by filling inregulatory and administrative gaps that could leave room for corruption. The GoM has also indicated that it intendsto strengthenmonitoringstructures to ensure that adopted codes and laws are

applied, as well as develop an ethics code. Improvementinhumanresource management and

an increasedfocus on the responsibilityo f the public procurementbody, combinedwith greater vigilance among all stakeholders,will help fill this gap.

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