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elected a “lead coordinator” (chefde Jile). The education program also benefits from joint missions although donor coordination i s weaker and i s one o f the main causes for slow implementation o f the program. Across all the donor-financed programs and projects, the G o M i s taking action to ensure that joint missions are more comprehensive intheir coverage in order to discourage donors from conducting additional, separate missions. Overall, while these mechanisms provide a framework for more effective donor coordination, the multiplicity o f donor procedures impedes efficient project implementation, as noted during the 2003 CPPR. The Bank i s currently working with other donors on strengthening the framework for a programmatic approach to the social sectors through pooling resources for PRDSS and PRODEC. It i s expected that this will avoid the multiplicity o f procedures and allow the concentration o f capacity building efforts inthe programming and implementation

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    f these sector-wide programs.

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      Strengtheningthe programmatic approach to the social sectors i s regarded as a solid

building block for both the donor community and the G o M to move towards full budgetary support to the implementation o f the PRSP. Most donors, as well as the Bank, have clearly indicated their intention to provide budgetary support inthe near future. It i s important that donors work together to ensure proper sequencing o f the programmatic approach so that they are on board at the same time and that ownership i s fully with the GoM. Inorder to achieve the objective o f effective budgetary support, two important areas o f capacity buildingare essential: (ito build capacity for the G o M to use its own fiduciary and disbursement procedures in an efficient and transparent manner; and (iito build capacity for establishing a comprehensive and effective M&E framework for the PRSP, against which budgetary support programs can be measured. Buildingthis capacity i s a core element o f donor programs, including the Bank. While these capacity building efforts are beingpursued, the GoM, donors and the Bank are working inparallel to ensure greater harmonization o f procedures to the extent possible and are deepeningtheir experience with programmatic support to the social sector programs.

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        Strategic Elements of the FY04-06 CAS

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    Focus on the PRSP. The PRSP lays out a comprehensive strategy for fighting

poverty and provides a cohesive framework for the activities o f all donors and development partners. As already described inParagraph 8, the JSA o f the PRSP highlighted a number o f areas where the PRSP needs to be improved. The Bank’s CAS focuses on these areas o f weakness and proposes lending and non-lending activities to assist the G o M to continually strengthenthe implementationo f the PRSP. Inparticular, the Bank’s AAA work will focus on strengtheningthe growth strategy, linking the sectoral strategies to the PRSP and ensuring sufficient cross-sectoral linkages with the goal o f developing a more comprehensive approach to reaching the PRSP indicators and ultimately the MDGs. Progress towards the objective o f strengtheningthe PRSP will be closely monitored inthe context o f the annual JSAs o f the PRSP Annual Progress Reports.


Selectivity. The Bank’s CAS has beendesigned to supportthe implementation o f the

PRSP and to complement the interventions o f other donors, a collaboration aided by Bank

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