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involvement inthe pre aration o f the 2002 UnitedNations Development Assistance F r a m e w o r k ( U N D A F ) . T h e p r o g r a m s e l e c t i v e l y f o c u s e s o n t h e f o l l o w i n g t h e m e s : ? !

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    Promoting growth through combining policy support from the SAC and the Poverty Reduction Support Credits (PRSCs) with an approach o f increasing agricultural productivity and diversification through the rural sector operations and through promoting non-rural sources o f growth which are driven by the private sector (SME development, mining). The Bank will also invest intransport infrastructure as a driver o f growth. Finally, the AAA program has been structured towards a greater understanding o f the sources o f growth and the necessary legal and incentive frameworks to maximize the potential sources o f growth. This theme covers the PRSP Pre-Requisite Growth Pillar and PRSP Pillar 3: Develop Basic Infrastructure and Productive Sectors.

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      Developing Human Resources. The focus i s on working with donors to strengthen the programmatic approach inthe health and education sector wide programs (SWAPS), with the goal o f moving to full budgetary support via the PRSCs. Furthermore, the participatory process o f preparing the CAS (see Box 5) revealed that stakeholders inM a l i would like to see the Bank’s strategy incorporate the following: (ithe evolving role o f the State, particularly to allow for beneficiaries to be fully involved inall stages o f projects and programs; (iistrengthening governance to ensure that projects and programs -particularly those for the social sectors - are more participatory and transparent; and (iiicapacity building. The CAS emphasizes the participation o f all development partners in Bank activities and proposes that capacity building for stakeholders be streamlined into the planning and implementation o f policies and programs. This theme covers PRSP Pillar 2: Develop HumanResources and Improve Access to Services.

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    Public finance management and governance. The Bank’s program focuses on the public sector financial accountability mechanisms covering public expenditure, procurement, and financial management systems. The fiduciary analysis will cover the country’s policies and priorities and will continuously identify action plans to address remaining weaknesses. The fiduciary cross-cutting issues are crucial to the on-going Bank programs, the planned operations, as well as the preparation for the PRSCs. With regard to strengthening governance, the Bank will focus on assisting the G o M to implement the recommendations o f the Anti-Corruption Program and on providing support to decentralization. This theme i s integral to PRSP Pillar 1: Promote Institutional Development, Improve Governance and Participation.

To contribute to the harmonizationo f donor support of the PRSP and to help Mali achieve the MDGs, the UN system o f donors, includingthe Bank, preparedthe 2003-2007 UNDAF.

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