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introduced and this would under-pinthe programmatic transition. Inthe future, PRSCs are expected to account for about 30% o f the annual IDA allocation.

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    community-driven development operations which focus on raising the productivity o f labor and capital through supporting the productive sectors and fighting HIV/AIDS. These operations will draw from the successful experience to date with the IDA-financed Grassroots Hunger and Poverty Project (PAIB); and

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    the Bank will continue its support through traditional investment operations concentrating on specific needs inthe transport sector and inprivate sector development with the goal o f enhancing the competitiveness o f Mali’s economy. The Bank will continue to ensure that these investment operations are developed as part o f a comprehensive sectoral framework and in close partnership with other donors.


Monitoringand Evaluation. To assess CAS performance, the Bank will monitor the

CAS support to the PRSP usingPRSP indicators (see Table 10 and the CAS Matrix inAnnex B9). The Bank will closely monitor portfolio performance indicators for all IDA-financed operations inorder to evaluate the effectiveness o f specific operations inachieving desired outcomes. Inaddition, the Bank will have regular consultations with the GoM, civil society and the donor community to get feedback and monitor implementation o f CAS priorities. The CAS will also monitor progress on key MDG targets as indicated inAttachment 1. The quality o f Mali’s statistical system will be a key factor inthe success o f the monitoring and evaluation effort and capacity building for M&E will be a priority. Inparticular, the Bank and other donors will assist the G o M to: (irationalize the selection o f monitoring indicators to ensure their utility as management tools; (iienhance feedback loops to ensure that the monitoring and results indicators are usedin planning and policy formulation processes; and

(iiisupport the involvement o f civil society inthe M&E o f the PRSP.


Assistance Program

CAS Theme: PromotingGrowth

PRSP Pre-RequisitePillar: Accelerated and Re-DistributiveGrowth PRSP Pillar 3: Develop Basic Infrastructureand Productive Sectors


As highlightedinthe JSA, the key challenge inthe medium (and long) term remains

how to broaden the economic base and strengthen growth so that the country i s in a better position to withstandthe impact o f adverse climatic conditions and external shocks. The Bank’s strategy will focus on helping M a l i to: (idevelop and diversify sources o f growth through improving the financial and business environment for increased private sector development, including for micro, small, and medium enterprises (with involvement fi-om the

Bank-IFC SME department); (iibuild and maintainnecessary infi-astructure; and (iiiinvolve decentralized government, deconcentrated services and local populations while building capacity.

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