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large multilateral efforts to improve resource management along the Senegal and Niger River Basins should come to fruition inFY04 and F Y 0 6 respectively.

Box 6: Bank Activities on Regional Integration

As already mentioned inParagraphs 42-44, Malii s a member of UEMOA and ECOWAS and plays a key role in several regional integrationactivities. The Bank’s 2001 Regional Integration Assistance Strategy (RIAS) seeks to support the objective o f deeper regional integrationchosen by the countries o f WAEMU and ECOWASby promoting an Open, Unified RegionalEconomic Space (OURES), and a conducive environment to facilitate the growth o f a more efficient and competitive private sector. I t also seeks to support the Region’s own goals o f acceleratinggrowth and alleviatingpoverty, while recognizingthat assistanceto individualcountries - with a heightened focus on cross-border constraints and opportunities facing a country - will remainthe primary vehicle for support from the Bank.

The followingregional activities all play a core role in the Bank’s overallsupport to Mali: The West African Power Project (WAPP) aims to build and reinforce regional electricitytransmission lines through financing a line betweenCBte d’Ivoire and Mali and to assist in developingthe regulatory framework for regional power trade within ECOWAS (see para. 82). The harmonization o f telecommunicationspolicy and the establishmento f a regional regulatory framework i s likely to feature as a component o f the Sources o f Growth Project (FY05). The Bank i s providing supportto regional water management issuesthrough AAA work and a regional IDF to the Organization for the Developmento f the Senegal River (OMVS). The proposedtransport operations are being designed within an overall regionalframework for strengtheningand diversifyingthe transport corridors in western Africa. The Bank’s AAA will focus on fast-tracking integrationbetweenMali, Senegal and Guinea A Regional PaymentsSystem Credit to the BCEAO i s under implementationthat seeks to establish payment systems adapted to the market needs o f WAEMU and that are internationally acceptable. Support to the implementation o f the WAEMU Agricultural Policy (adoptedin December 2001).

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    A proposedInstitutionaland FinancialDevelopmentProject for the West African DevelopmentBank

(BOAD) which would promotethe developmento f integratedfinancialmarketing in western Africa.

C A S Theme: Developing HumanResources

P R S P Pillar 2: Develop Human Resources and Improve Access to Quality Basic Services


The Bank proposes to focus on: (isolidifying the necessary framework for

sustainable human development; (iiincreasing participation and local accountability in deconcentrated service delivery; (iiiimproving access to quality services; (iv) working more closely with donors to build capacity o f G o M and other development actors; and (v) working with NGOs, the private sector, community groups and civic organizations to

reduce the risk o f an HIV/AIDS epidemic.


The Bank will work with the donor community to seek to transform the ongoing

education sector operation P I S E into a fully pooled SWAP duringthe transition to budget support. At present, many donors finance the PISE; while the European Union, the Netherlands and Sweden finance through budget support, other donors are still earmarking funds to be usedfor specific sub-programs. As previously mentioned, the problems related to the multiplicity o f donor procedures and allocation criteria are a major cause o f the slow

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