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(SAC-4, inFY04), which will support continued public expenditure management reforms, budget management reforms and initiate support to decentralization reforms (thus also supporting Pillar 2 o f the PRSP), as well as cotton sector reforms (thus supporting Pillar 3 o f the PRSP). With respect to decentralization, the focus o f the Bank’s work will involve strengtheningcentral and deconcentrated levels o f GoM, as well as the elected representatives o f municipalities, districts, and regions to: (iassess, focus, and reinforce their structures; (iiimprove accountability, control o f public finances, efficient and transparent resource allocation, and overall good governance inpublic management; and (iiibetter integrate public participation.


The Bank’s AAA programwill concentrate on the following: (iassisting the G o M

implementthe recommendations o f the 2003 CFAA which i s being completed inpartnership with the Netherlands and Canada; (iicontinuing to work closely with the IMF on implementingthe action plan o f the HIPC Expenditure Tracking Assessment; (iiiupdating the 1998 CPAR and ensuring implementation o f the recommendations; (iv) continuing the

close dialogue with the G o M on the implementation o f the recommendations o f the Anti- Corruption Program; and (v) analyzing further necessary policy and structural reforms through the C E M planned for FY04.

Table 7: AAA Program





Priv. Sect. StrategyNote CottonPoverty Study (PSIA) Livestock Poverty Growth SenegalRiver Water Resource

Mgt Support to Poverty Reduction

Info. System (PRIS) Transport Supportto Growth &

Equity IntegratedFramework for Trade

PRSP Progress Rpt 1

Review IDF Support to Min.

Women CEMISourceso f Growth

with Equity (RPT) CPAR JSDF Support to NGOs Support to PER (CNS)/

MTEF UNDP Roundtable


PRSP 2 Review

Strategic Gender

Reg’l Program

New HealthEducation

New Poverty

ESW New Urban ESW PRSP ProgressRpt 2

Assessment Niger River Basin



Traditional Energy Sector



M a l i conducts its own Public Expenditure Reviews (PERs), under an agreement

including ex-post review by the Bank and the IMF. To further strengthenthe GoM’s capacity to prepare PERs, the Bank will provide close analytical and technical assistance

throughout FY04 in a framework o f dialogue with other donors. The Bank will also continue support to the development o f sectoral medium-termexpenditure frameworks (MTEF). The last PovertyAssessment was undertakenin 1993; while the work undertaken for the PRSP provided an adequate poverty diagnosis, based on an indicator o f access to basic social services, there was very little data available at the time to allow full discussion o f the dimensions o f poverty (this was indicated inthe JSA as a weakness o f the PRSP). Through a Belgian trust fund, a full poverty assessment i s beingundertaken in order to better understand the determinants and dynamics o f poverty, as well as the impact o f G o M policies and actions

on poverty. InFY06, the Bank will again updatethe analysis o f poverty which will, inter alia, allow for a comprehensiveassessment o f poverty trends since the 2003 analysis.

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