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      M a l i i s currentlypreparing a Statistical Master Plan with the assistance of another

World Bank facility the Trust Fund for StatisticalCapacity Building, TF-SCB. The TF- SCB i s a grant which supports a three-year strengtheningprogram for the statistical system. It will help the country review and update the national strategy for the development o f the statistical system prepared since 2001 as the “Schema Directeur de la Statistique” and format it as a Statistical Master Plan (SMP). Once the Master Plan i s adopted by the Government, a STATCAP program could be prepared for a ten-year period to support the cost o f recurrent statistical activities (National accounting, Price Index, Social Accounting Matrix, Statistical Yearbooks, etc.) as well as survey programs.


The GlobalDistanceLearningNetwork (GDLN) i s a transversal public-private,

institutional and civil society capacity building operation planned for FY04. Distance

learning will bring quality educational and training programs to a much wider audience in M a l i than would otherwise be possible. It i s also expected that M a l i would benefit from a grant proposed to help launch a portal inthe Development Gateway during the CAS period.


Lending Scenarios


The IDA FY04-06 allocation for M a l i i s set at US$390 million inthe base-case

scenario, US$462 million inthe high-case scenario and US$237 million inthe low-case scenario (Table 8). The planned operations for M a l i are relatively large (with the exception

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    f the GDLNproject) so as to allow for consolidation o f the project portfolio around fewer

operations. These projects are, to the extent possible, multi-sectoral operations and involve partnerships with donors, NGOs, the private sector and civil society. There i s a degree o f front-loading o f the lending operations primarily because planned FY03 operations were pushedto FY04 as their preparation suffered delays resultingfrom the 2002 Presidential and legislative elections and the formation o f a new Government.


Base-casescenario. M a l i i s currently inthe base case. Underthe base-case scenario,

lending for M a l i will amount to up to US$390 million. This scenario i s predicated on continued good macroeconomic performance, satisfactory implementation o f the PRSP, transparency and accountability inpublic finance management, and portfolio management



Strengthening the performance

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    f Bank operations will be a central element o f the

Bank’s assistance to Mali, with a core focus on continued implementation o f the actions outlined inthe PIP and highlightedby the CPPR. Delays inimplementingthe PRSP and difficulties incarrying out public finance management and governance measures could prevent M a l i from achieving the highcase triggers. However, sustained and better coordinated support on these issues from donors and the Bank should help M a l i to address these challenges.

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