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Figure 3: A RepastPy network interaction simulation

Repast Simphony was employed for the next model.

However, working through the basic tutorials generated several errors that contradicted the Repast documentation. Repast Simphony is an aspect of the Eclipse Java IDE, which proved to be a blessing and a curse. For example, Repast Simphony is oriented towards Eclipse Europa (v 3.3), but on MacOSX 10.5 there are bugs and other JRE issues. These can be addressed by running Eclipse Ganymede (v3.4), but then documentation doesn’t cover installation, and there are issues loading the Repast libraries. On the Windows side, Repast Simphony + Eclipse Europa in the bundle have subtle bugs in loading of libraries, and loading the full Ecplipse Ganymede Software Architects version causes load and out of memory issues with unrelated UML parsers. The best approach on both platforms seems to be loading a minimal Eclipse 3.4, and then loading the bare minimum libraries needed. Needless to say, this fussing about with various versions was quite time-consuming (several bugs were filed), so other solutions were looked at even as a model was developed.

Repast .NET This would be excellent, and the author has extensive experience with Visual Studio and .NET. Unfortunately, Repast .NET used the old version 7 solution and project files (Visual Studio 2003); when loaded into Visual Studio 2008 importing the project into a version 9 solution left out the repast.csproj the very libraries needed to use Repast.NET. Needless to say all the test cases failed.

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