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Catholic Bishops on immigration, continued: Permanent military presence in Iraq?:

(Continued from page 3) legislation contains a legalization program which is workable and includes family unity and a fair and realistic path to citizenship, a new worker program which provides participants a meaningful opportunity to obtain permanent residency, and the preservation of family unity as an integral part of the U.S. immi- gration system. We intend to pursue changes in these important areas. We urge the congressional leadership to ensure that the regular legislative process is honored, and that amendments to improve the legislation are permitted and given due consideration. Immigration is an important domestic issue facing this country. Congress can no longer wait to repair our seriously flawed immigration system. We look forward to working with our elected officials in Con-

gress to enact a law which both protects the basic human rights and dignity of persons and serves our

national interest.


Pope on world debt, continued:

(Continued from page 3) In the letters both the Pontiff and the German Chan- cellor agreed that poor countries should be relieved from servicing the debts for effective development, and measures should be adopted to ensure that the countries do not fall once again into situations of un- sustainable debt. The Pope's letter, dated December 16, says: "I wel- come the fact that the question of poverty, with spe- cific reference to Africa, now appears on the agenda of the G8." The Holy Father underlines that, "while these challenges should be undertaken by all mem- bers of the international community, the G8 and the European Union should take the lead." In her reply on February 2, Merkel writes: "For me it is crucial that G8 relations with Africa move towards a reform partnership." She also says: "Our aim is to change the strategies for combating HIV/AIDS so that they take special account of the situation of

w o m e n a n d g i r l s . "


Please remember in your prayers this week Elaine, Msgr. Gene Boyle, Chloe Chang, Joanne Claus, Mary Connors, Ken Dias, Joanne Hasegawa, François Jamati, Joseph Kehret, Alicia Kot, Joan Kuhn, Kami Ladd, Andre Lippard, Ric Lippard, Carol Locke, Mercedes McCaffrey, Eileen McNevin, Maureen Mooney, Stephanie Mullinex, Joe Narewski, Dorothea Nudelman, Hank Okan- ski, Lynne Owens, Hayden Pastorini, George Peinado, Nora Peinata, Ramona Rocha, Anne Rush, George Schardt, Jean Vistica, Dolores Walsh, and T. J.Wooten.

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A message from the Friends Committee on National Legis- lation, a Quaker lobby on national legislation:

C an you imagine a U.S. presence in Iraq for the next half-century? The president can !!! The White House press secretary announced this week President Bush wants to establish a permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq similar to the half-century long U.S. military role in South Korea. A Violation of Law and Reality Establishing permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq would be a violation of U.S. law -- Congress has twice passed, and the president has signed, legis- lation which prohibits the U.S. from spending money to establish a permanent U.S. military pres- ence in Iraq. That is the law, at least for now. Origi- nally proposed by FCNL, grassroots lobbying made that provision the law. The White House announce- ment that this administration wants to establish a per- manent U.S. military presence in Iraq also reaffirms that this administration is simply not prepared to ac- knowledge the reality of what is happening in Iraq. The impression among Iraqis that the U.S. is plan- ning a permanent military occupation of their country feeds the violent groups fighting the Iraqi govern- ment, helps them to recruit fighters, and undermines U.S. credibility throughout the Middle East region. Almost every opinion poll conducted in Iraq in the last three years -- including one commissioned by the State Department -- has confirmed that a majority of Iraqis fear the U.S. plans to permanently occupy their country, and majorities want the U.S. to leave Iraq. The White House announcement, itself, could further destabilize Iraq and the region, by setting off a new wave of anti-government violence; it could recruit more supporters for violent extremist groups such as Al Qaeda.

~ submitted by Dick Freeman

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