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The June decision also required that the Smart Grid Deployment Plans provide a deployment baseline so that the Commission can better understand the character of the California grid today and articulate a strategy for achieving the adopted goals. Each utility must address grid security and cyber-security issues in their Smart Grid Deployment Plans to ensure that these issues are considered explicitly at the planning stage. Additionally, consistent with the intent of SB 17, the June decision linked California’s concerns for grid security with the security guidelines identified as under development by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Finally, the decision also adopted security strategy requirements and principles to guide the development of Smart Grid Deployment Plans to ensure alignment with national efforts.

Commission and Stakeholders Develop Metrics to Measure Smart Grid Progress

Performance metrics allow the Commission, other parties and the public to measure, compare and contrast the adherence of SCE, PG&E and SDG&E to statutes and policies created by the Commission. Essentially, the goal of adopting metrics is to measure progress. It is expected that a decision by the first quarter of 2011 will adopt a set of metrics that should be included in the utilities’ Smart Grid deployment plans due July 1, 2011. Additionally, the utilities are required to report on performance relative to the metrics as part of their annual reports, to be filed pursuant to the timetable adopted by the Commission.

Commission Is Developing Rules to Ensure Protection of Customer Data

The goal of this decision is to set the guidelines needed to implement customer and authorized third party access to price and consumption data. The decision is expected to resolve the policy objectives for the provision of retail and wholesale price information, access to usage data through an agreement with a third party, and access to usage information on a near real-time basis for customers with advanced meters.

In September 2010, the Governor signed SB 1476 (Authored by Senator Padilla) which instituted certain privacy protections upon utilities to protect customer’s energy consumption

data. Fundamentally, SB 1476 directs electric and gas utilities to provide a certain level of 9

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