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California’s Investor Owned Utilities’ Smart Grid Demonstration Projects selected:3


Southern California Edison, Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration ($40 million): Integrated, scalable end-to-end Smart Grid system from transmission to consumer applications.


Waukesha Electric Systems (in conjunction with Southern California Edison), Fault Current Limiting Superconducting Transformer ($11 million): New transformer technology that can reduce losses and improve reliability.

California’s Investor Owned Utilities’ Energy Storage Demonstration Projects selected:4


PG&E Underground Compressed Air Energy Storage ($25 million): 300 megawatt plant in Kern County.


Southern California Edison Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage Project ($25 million): 8 megawatt utility-scale lithium ion battery technology.

On October 27, 2009, DOE announced that California would receive approximately $203 million in Federal Stimulus funding for six Smart Grid Investment Grant projects. Two investor-owned utility projects were submitted for funding consideration for this round of awards and one was selected. Overall, California received 17 percent of the $3.4 billion that DOE awarded for Smart Grid Investment Grant projects.

California’s Investor Owned Utilities’ Investment Project Selected:5

SDG&E advanced wireless communication system ($28 million): Implement an advanced wireless communications system to provide connection for 1,400,000 smart meters, enable dynamic pricing, and examples of smart equipment that will allow increased monitoring, communication, and control over the electrical system.

3 Other Demonstration Projects located in California that received Recovery Act funding include: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Smart Grid Regional Demonstration ($60 million): Demonstrations in partnership with local research institutions.

4 Other Energy Storage Demonstration Projects located in California that received Recovery Act funding include: Primus Power, Wind Firming Energy Farm ($14 million): 25 megawatt storage for Modesto Irrigation District; Seco Inc., Solid State Batteries ($6 million): 25 kWh prototype advanced lithium ion battery system; Amber Kinetics, Flywheel Demonstration ($4 million): Demonstrate innovative flywheel technologies.

5 Other Investment Projects located in California that received Recovery Act funding include: Sacramento Municipal Utility District ($127.5 million): Install a comprehensive regional smart grid system from transmission to the customer; Burbank Water ($20 million): Deploy multiple integrated smart grid technologies, including 51,000 electric smart meters and a connected smart meter network for water usage, Customer Smart Choice, Energy Demand Management programs, and enhanced grid security systems; City of Glendale Water & Power ($20 million): Install 84,000 smart meters and a meter control system; City of Anaheim ($5.9 million): Upgrade and enhance the city's smart grid network and demand response systems; and, Modesto Irrigation District ($1.5 million): Install 4,000 smart meters, enhance the electricity distribution system.


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