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Commission Issues Decision in Response to EISA 2007

In December 2009, the Commission issued a decision in response to the requirement contained

in EISA 2007 directing states to consider certain amendments to PURPA.6 commissions to consider five tasks:

EISA directed state






Each State shall consider requiring that, prior to undertaking investments in non- advanced grid technologies, an electric utility of the State demonstrate to the State that the electric utility considered an investment in a qualified smart grid system based on appropriate factors; Each State shall consider authorizing each electric utility of the State to recover from ratepayers any capital, operating expenditure, or other costs of the electric utility relating to the deployment of a qualified smart grid system; Each State shall consider authorizing any electric utility or other party of the State to deploy a qualified smart grid system to recover in a timely manner the remaining book- value costs of any equipment rendered obsolete by the deployment of the qualified smart grid system based on the remaining depreciable life of the obsolete equipment; All electricity purchasers shall be provided direct access, in written or electronic machine-readable form as appropriate, to information from their electricity provider, including prices, usage, intervals and projections, and sources; and, Purchasers shall be able to access their own information at any time through the Internet and on other means of communication elected by that utility for Smart Grid applications. Other interested persons shall be able to access information not specific to any purchaser through the Internet. Information specific to any purchaser shall be provided solely to that purchaser.

The Commission declined to adopt the proposed requirements, deciding that prior Commission action sufficiently satisfied the proposed requirements. The Commission, however, did set three policy objectives in the area of customer and third party access to information and prices:

· ·

Provide retail and wholesale prices to customers by the end of 2010; Allow authorized third parties to access customer data by the end of 2010; and




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