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projects. “The largest one we ever did was in Bossier City LA, where 74 dis- plays were installed. That was an HD upgrade from their standard-definition CRT TVs. The smallest one was prob- ably Mount Pleasant MI. I believe that one had 38 displays because it was a smaller store.”

The Crew

We’ve alluded to this next topic a bit in the Grand Rapids BWW, but here are some details about what it’s like with a crew on an install. “Typically,


Sound & Communications

Buffalo Wild Wings mixes large projection screens with various sizes of flat screens.

there are four people in a crew for an upgrade that we can do in four nights, with no downtime.” said Marino. “We’ll work through the third shift during the four nights. No screens go down. But at the same time, we’re putting up new monitors and new infrastructure. On the last night, we turn everything over on the [existing] rack to a new rack for an entire HD system.”

Other aspects of the AV install in- clude, as standard operating proce- dures, working with electrical con- tractors and general contractors to coordinate schedules. There’s training for each establishment’s management staff. “And we’ve been able to put to- gether some training manuals and things like that to help them. Other than that, it’s pretty straightforward,” Marino pointed out.

As our interview concluded, he men- tioned that BlueWater Technologies was anticipating going to the Boston area, where a market had opened up in five locations for a BWW expansion. With that, we’ll give franchisee Carmo- dy the last word. “We’ve really enjoyed the brand and have watched it contin- ue to grow,” he affirmed. “We’re cur- rently looking forward to opening up in a new state, Massachusetts, where we’re going to develop the north end of Boston.”

Indeed, Buffalo Wild Wings can fly!n

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