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mentioned the superior quality of its technology and some even indicated that it has become the standard for parts of the industry, especially for sophisticated users such as for publishers with a strong share of direct sales and ad agencies.


Some advertisers and publishers have also stressed the fact that DoubleClick,

by not being present in the publishing or advertising side of the industry, is preferred for its neutrality and would have an advantage from not being at the same time an intermediary and a competitor on one or other side of the platform.

Current position in intermediation

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    With regard to intermediation services, the DoubleClick Advertising Exchange has not yet developed any significant market position.

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    In June 2007, [<50]* publishers and [<50]* advertisers had agreed to participate in the test in the United States. Of these original [<100]* participants in the United States, only about [27%]* have been participating at any given time. In the Community, DoubleClick has signed on [<50]* customers to participate to the Ad Exchange, only [<10]* of which are publishers. By October 2007, the exchange had not yet earned any revenue in Europe (the model of an ad exchange as opposed to an ad network is not developed in Europe and must compete with established ad networks), and in the United States it has generated only about USD […]* in revenue (far less than 1% of the net revenues of one of the main EEA intermediation player).


It could not be excluded that the announcement of the merger with Google

may have had an impact on the development of the exchange, by creating uncertainty for potential users and possibly slowing down the efforts by DoubleClick to develop its ad exchange platform. However, even assuming such an impact, the numbers provided in the previous paragraph suggest that DoubleClick Ad exchange is unlikely to have become in the short term a significant intermediation operator.

Combination of Ad Exchange with DoubleClick's ad serving technology

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    In the medium term, it could not be excluded that the combination of DoubleClick Ad exchange with the leading ad serving technology currently provided by DoubleClick would have allowed this company to obtain a non minor presence into intermediation services. But DoubleClick's internal revenue projections anticipated revenue in 2008 of only USD [<10]* million in the EU and USD [<20]* million worldwide which represents a tiny fraction of the indirect sales channel128. So even if the Ad Exchange achieved its revenue’s projections, this would be equivalent to less than [<5%]* of the size of just one of the networks belonging to one of the notifying party's main competitors.

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    In addition, such a combination of an intermediation platform with ad serving services does not seem to be unique to DoubleClick. In fact, there has

The revenues anticipated by DoubleClick in 2008 would represent respectively less than [<1%]* of the EEA and less than [<1%]* of the worldwide total intermediation net revenues achieved in 2006.


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