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Class 27The Avoidance of Forfeiture838-861


Cases Due:  Jacob & Youngs v. Kent, O.W. Grun Roofing and Construction Co. v. Cope, Lowy v. United Pacific Insurance Co., Britton v. Turner

Class 28Changed Circumstances; Impracticability and 861-894

03/31Frustration of Purpose; Existing Impracticability;

Supervening Impracticability; Comment:  Take-or-Pay Contracts,

Reopener Clauses in Long-Term Supply Contracts

Cases Due:  United States v. Wegematic Corp., Taylor v. Caldwell, Canadian Industrial Alcohol Co. v. Dunbar Molasses Co., Dills v. Town of Enfield, Centex Corporation v. Dalton, Bolin Farms v. American Cotton Shippers Ass’n. , Kaiser-Francis Oil Co. v. Producer’s Gas Co.

Class 29Frustration of Purpose894-911


Cases Due:  Paradine v. Jane, Krell v. Henry, Washington State Hop Producers, Inc. v. Goschie Farms, Inc.

Class 30Right to Suspend Performance or Cancel Upon 915-938

04/05Prospective Inability or Breach

Cases Due:  Hochster v. De La Tour, Taylor v. Johnston, AMF, Inc. v. McDonald’s Corp.

Class 31Compensatory Damages; Contract Remedies939-977


Cases Due:  John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co. v. Cohen, American Mechanical Corp. v. Union Machine Co. of Lynn, Inc., Lowy v. United Pacific Insurance Co., New Era Homes Corp. v. Forster, Bernstein v. Nemeyer, Glendale Federal Bank, FSB v. United States, Locks v. Wade, Inchaustegui v. 666 5th Avenue Limited Partnership, Reliance Cooperage Corp. v. Treat

Class 32Breach or Repudiation by Payor; Breach of 978-994

04/09Contract by Supplier of Goods, Services, or Construction;

The Lost Volume Seller Under UCC Article 2

Rivers v. Deane, Peevyhouse v. Garland Coal & Mining Company; American Standard, Inc. v. Schectman

Seller’s Remedies Under UCC 2-708(2)

Class 33Consequential Damages: Foreseeability; Mitigation; 995-1010

04/12Certainty; Incidental Reliance

Cases Due:  Hadley v. Baxendale, Spang Industries, Inc. Fort Pitt Bridge Division v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co., Hydraform Products Corp. v. American Steel and Aluminum Corp.

Class 34Mental Anguish and Punitive Damages1013-1027


Cases Due: Bohac v. Department of Agriculture, Acquista v.

New York Life Insurance Company, Boise Dodge, Inc. v. Clark

Class 35Equitable Remedies for Breach of Contract:  1029-1062

04/16Prohibitory Injunction and Specific Performance; Effect

of Agreement Liquidating Damages or Altering the Scope

Liability or Remedy

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