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Presentation Sisters Union                          News Update June 2009                             Print Version                          

had a very moving ritual.

The Anglican Vicar – Rev. Godfrey Bell gave the blessing at the end. We also visited the Chichester -Nagle graves –these are outside the Church. On our return, we had lunch and then conversations continued.  We also had the first part of the business meeting. In the evening we watched the film The Duchess – which was set in Bath around the period in history when Nano was present in England.

On Friday morning, conversation was around the future of the group and what we needed to attend to. We finished the business meeting and ended our time with a closing ritual and 'Thank You's.

All in all it was a very moving time with the elements of pilgrimage and who we are as Presentation Sisters, daughters of Nano Nagle. Learning more about Nano and who she was affects the way we see ourselves and I would say we all went home with a deeper knowledge and understanding of this remarkable woman.

New Reflections

We have re-organised the Reflections Page on the website so that the reflections are now gathered under a number of core themes. Recently we added four new reflections to the website on the following topics:

World Refugee Day / A reflection on Thomas Berry, the world-renowned cultural historian and eco-theologian or ‘geologian’ as he liked to call himself, who passed away on 1st June 2009/ The letter from the Presentation student who won the Concern Creative Writing Competition. The letter is addressed to Barak Obama and it pleads for action on climate change and the developing world and finally a reflection for Pentecost entitled I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.

Sustainable Fishing

In April we added the first in a series of leaflets dealing with one aspect of our current IPA global issue - sustainable fisheries.  The second leaflet has now been added. They can be downloaded from the Resources section of the website - they are posted on the Sustainable Living Downloads page.

We have added as well a document which contains information on species at risk. We hope you will continue to participate in this effort to promote sustainable living.  We also encourage you to share the leaflets with colleagues and Associate groups wherever you can.

UN Conference on the World Financial Crisis 25 June 2009

The long awaited and rescheduled ‘UN Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its impact on Development’ takes place from 24-26 June 2009 in the UN Headquarters, New York.   The UN General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, a Mary Knoll Priest has been the driving force toward this event.

The preparatory activities and the negotiations on the outcome document of this high level event have been taking place from January 2009. The struggle is between the developed and the developing nations and it takes ages to come to consensus on the systemic issues. It is hoped that many Heads of States will take part in this high level event. You will find more information here.

While the UN Member States have been engaged in negotiations, the NGOs and the Civil Society have been advocating for policies on behalf of the most vulnerable. There will be many events organized by the Civil Society during the Conference to bring to the attention of  the World leaders that the grave consequences of this financial meltdown for working women and men and for our fragile environment have not been fully taken into account by policymakers and the mass media.

These events will also provide opportunities to share ideas and experiences on how to construct a global movement to advocate for a new economic system based on human rights and environmental sustainability. All of us are invited to join in the ‘10 Days of Action: Count Down to Commitments’

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