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Presentation Sisters Union                          News Update June 2009                             Print Version                          

A few days after the consecration of the new Bishop, our mission in Fang became a “school of practical formation” for a dozen of Thai priests and nuns. Soon they will be going overseas as missionaries. They spent a few days with us and our people saw in their presence, divided in small groups and living in different villages, a special blessing. They visited all the houses in the villages in which they stayed and brought encouragement to our people.

In this month of May we venerate in a special way the Virgin Mary. This gives us the opportunity to visit our Shan parishioners who live in the small town of Fang and recite the Rosary together. The majority of them came to Thailand only a few years ago as refugees from Myanmar (former Burma). They live in very precarious conditions because they don’t have Thai citizenship and are often treated as “slaves” by their own employers.  They are admirable for their faith and sense of unity.

A new Presentation Sister has arrived in Thailand to work as a missionary in Fang. She is sister Citra and she will be starting to study the Thai Language, and then, in two years, she will come to live and minister in Fang. God is always giving us new blessings!

Since the middle of May all our children are back to the mission centers of Fang and Ban Thoet Thai. This year almost 160 mouths are to be fed and their hearts to be educated. Please, be close to us with your prayers and support. None of the “breadcrumbs” you give us will remain “uneaten” on the table of the Lord!

We thank all of you who support our work, on behalf of our people and children. THANK YOU for all the good things you give us, especially prayers and support. Every Saturday morning we celebrate the Holy Mass for all our friends and benefactors. So, every Saturday morning know that someone is praying for you.

[Submitted by Frs. Claudio Corti and Massimo Bolgan PIME, and the Presentation Sisters in Fang] claudio@pime.org   

Letter to Barak Obama

Niamh Burke, a Transition-Year student from Cork, has won  the Cecil Woodham-Smith Concern Creative Writing Competition and her letter is to be handed to President Obama soon.

Niamh, who attends Christ the King Secondary School at Douglas in Cork (Ireland), entered an international letter-writing competition organised by the charity Concern.  Participants had to write a letter, addressed to the US President, highlighting critical global issues.

Niamh focused on pleading for action on climate change and the developing world - but from the perspective of the air.  Her letter (out of over 800 from countries worldwide) was deemed to be the winning entry. Because it is so good, is to be delivered to the Oval Office soon. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micheál Martin T.D., has agreed to deliver a copy to the Irish Embassy in Washington - who will ensure it is passed on to President Obama.  

Articles about the letter appeared in the Irish Examiner (Eoin English) & Evening Echo (Tom Fitzpatrick) on June 10th.

This is her letter:

Christ King Secondary School,

South Douglas Road,





Dear President Obama,

I really should have begun this letter with Dear Barack. I feel I can call you by your first name because I have known you quite intimately for so long. I have known you all your life. I was the one who allowed you

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