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Presentation Sisters Union                          News Update June 2009                             Print Version                          

my potential power has already been recognised and I have been put to good use in these areas. I am very grateful for this. However, for me to be most effective, my harnessed powers should be present everywhere that energy is currently being used. It is a very feasible idea that the entire planet could be using energy produced by wind power in the next couple of years. This is what I want, and what our planet needs.

I am offering my help. Please, Barack, help me to help our planet. If you decide to help me, and if this change happens, I will no longer have so much unwanted gunk passing through me everyday. When people draw a breath from me, it will be clean and will do them no harm. Nature as a whole will be much healthier and more fruitful. This dream, if realised, could potentially prolong the lives of many seriously endangered animals. It would save everyone money in the long run; countries would no longer have to buy oil or coal. It would definitely create a cleaner, less polluted environment for every living thing on planet earth, and, it could help to avoid our planet’s ultimate downfall. You and I, Barack, together we can.

Yours sincerely,  

The Air

Ministering to Immigrants

Adult Learning Centers serving new immigrants to the U.S. appear to be an up-and-coming branch of Presentation ministry.

Sisters serving at five different Centers from the Union, New Windsor and San Francisco gathered at Presentation Center in Los Gatos, California to share experiences and brainstorm ideas.  Sisters Catherine Burke, Mary Sullivan and Jane Bonar from Presentation Learning Center in Watts, California were delighted to be part of the gathering, along with Sr. Dina Potter from San Antonio, Texas.

Nano Nagle Block Inaugurated at Theni, India

26th April 2009 was a memorable festive day for all of us. As part of the celebration of the Jubilee Year of Nano Nagle, we Sisters, staff and students of Theni Community inaugurated the Jubilee Block, which is now named as the “Nano Nagle Block”. The nine classroom building was sponsored by Irish Missionary Fund and we are deeply indebted to them.

The blessing of the building took place at 9.00 am followed by the Eucharistic celebration.  Our South Circle Animator, Sr. Shobha D’Sami declared the new building open and our parish priest, Fr. Arul, blessed it.  The liturgy was full of life, colour and symbols.  The cosmic PBVM communities of the past, present and the future were represented as the traditional Indian lamps were lit.

We celebrated Nano in simple and grateful ways.  As we paid homage to Nano with traditional Indian way with garland placed on her picture and rose petals bestowed respectfully at her feet, the communities across the world were remembered gratefully with placards placed before her.  The celebration ended with all sharing in a meal and gifts distributed to the workers who worked at the construction of the building.

[Submitted by Sr. Mary Therese, Theni, India]

Final Professions in Pakistan

We come to tell our story;

We come to sing our song;

We come to know our own place,

To know where we belong.

On the 1st Stepember 1998, we entered Fatima Villa, our Vice-Provincialate. We were excited on seeing the Sisters full of laughter and joy. There were three of us – Nazia Younas, Akhtar Butta  and Ghazala Daniel - from  different  cities in Pakistan. We enjoyed our time together and learned many things from each other. A few months before our First Vows, Nazia left us. It was very hard for us to accept. We felt it was the end of the world for both of us. But the support and encouragement of our Sisters helped us to continue moving “one step beyond”.  We prayed, struggled, continued our training and completed our Juniorate programme.

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