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“I felt welcome always…and felt humbled and privileged”

“I know that we went out to Zambia in order to help people become more prosperous, but there are aspects of the Zambian culture that I hope never change”

“The Zambian people know exactly where to place their values, and that is more important than wealth, I feel”

“Changed so many of my views on life. I feel so lucky that I got this chance when others didn’t .”

“These people only lack material goods”

“It was the best experience of my life”

Magnificent Mural Depicts Nano's Story

Eleanor E. Yates, an international community muralist has painted a most magnificant mural depicting the life of Nano Nagle in Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland. The mural, covers the four walls of the former community room of the Presentation Convent in Dingle, now the main lecture room of the Diseart Institute.

The first wall depicts Nano holding her lamp aloft against a dark blue background that portrays the universe and the world, representing the impact of her work on so many people over time, all over the world. The Oak Tree symbolises the growth of the congregation as so many followed followed her example and dedicated themselves to achieving Nano's vision, to making a difference in the lives of others wherever they heard God's call.

The second wall depicts a scene from Nano's carefree days in Paris before she became aware of God's call to her and another depicts her with her beloved sister, Anne whose generosity to the poor gave depth to Nano's developing awareness of the disparity between her own circumstances and the lives of so may of her compatriots. After Anne's death, Nano resolved to answer the call, initially through the contermplative life but before long through the very challenging and difficult decision to set up a school in her native Cork.

Eleanor, originally from Denver Colorado,was drawn to paint Nano's story after she had visited Dingle on a number of occasions and had completed a number of smaller works in the area. She visited Nano's birthplace at Ballygriffin in Cork and was inspired by her story and the Sisters she found there. Mgr. Pádraig O' Fiannachta, Director of the Diseart Institute in Dingle,which is located in the former Presentation Convent, invited Eleanor to paint the mural in honour of this Jubilee Year, as we celebrate the 225th anniversary of Nano's death.

The fourth wall depicts a version of the traditional scene of Nano surrounded by children as she engages them in a lesson. In this modern scene, the children are representative of all the continents, reminding us of the growth and spread of the congregation over the centuries, after the initial very difficult years following Nano's death.

And, in the corner, over the entrance to the lroom, there is a beautiful image of an angel holding a lamp over Ballygriffin, depicting perhaps the Spirit of God, watching over the carefree spirited Nano as she grew up on the Nagle farm in the shade of the Nagle mountains.

Blessing of Nano Nagle Mural in Dingle

On Sunday, 21 June 2009, the Nano Nagle room, with its wonderful newly-painted murals, was blessed after a special Jubilee Mass in Dingle. The occasion was attended by many Presentation Sisters and the local community in Dingle.

The ceremonies began with Mass at 11.30 a.m. in the parish church in Dingle, right next to the old Presentation Convent. This is now the location of the Diseart Institute*. Sr. Mary Hoare, Provincial Leader of the South West Province, addressed the congregation during the Homily.

The Mass was followed by a procession to the beautiful graveyard in the grounds of the convent where Salve Regina was sung. The whole graveyard is overhung by a large weeping copper beech tree.

The blessing of the new Nano Nagle Mural in the Nano Nagle Room took place immediately afterwards.

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